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Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster | March 2019

I won’t lie, this post isn’t going to take me long to write because there are going to be very few words. For those who prefer pictures over reading, this is the post for you! Simply put, this is going to be a ‘show over tell’ post to show off a simple few of my beginner’s photography with my fancy new camera. 

For those who follow my posts, you may know that recently was my birthday and my Ginger bought me a camera. For those who don’t and you wish to find out more then simply click here. Alongside my amazing present of a camera, he also took me to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to test out my new toy. Having never had a camera before, I was completely new to it but I think I had quite well, personally. Before we get into it, let me tell you a bit more about Yorkshire Wildlife Park, just in case you wish to check it out yourself. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is in Doncaster and hosts many different species of animals. It will take you a good couple of hours to get around, dependant on how quickly you walk, I guess. The price for the number of animals they inhabit is a decent price of just under £20 a person. I would recommend a visit to anyone who has not been before and it is a lovely day out for anyone. However, maybe best to get down there when the weather is quite nice, just a tip for you there.

Without further ado, let’s get onto the photography, shall we?

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