one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star Wars

York Unleashed Comic Con | August 2018

I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but it was mine and Ginger’s first anniversary this weekend. I know right, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it? No, I joke. I get that I may be going on and on about it but can you blame me when I’m this happy? I promise this is the last post abut it, though. I wanted to get out there my thoughts on my second ever Comic Con event.


So here we go…


one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star WarsNow, I have only ever been to one other Comic Con (which you can read about here) and to everyones surprise, including me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a nice day out for both me and Ginger, and my brother when he wants to tag along. I saw that York Unleashed were coming to York and decide this was the perfect surprise for Ginger for our anniversary. It seemed it would be bigger than the one in Scunthorpe ,however, we did not expect what we found as I drove up to the York Racecourse.


The queue was insane.


one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star WarsThere were thousand of people queueing to get in and it looked like it would take ages to get inside the building. however, after just over half an hour we managed to get to the entrance. The entrance fee for the Comic Con was £6 each so was a little more expensive than the Scunthorpe Comic Con we visited.


The Comic Con was massive and there were plenty of stalls to look around, both inside and outside. Everywhere you looked, there were people dressed up and Cosplay everywhere. It was awesome! And of course, as soon as we walked through the doors into the inside, Ginger found a Star Wars stall. He’s like a magnet to the stuff, I swear. Throughout the day, we did notice that there was a lot less Star Wars merchandise than in Scunthorpe but I suppose all of the events are different and I shouldn’t just keep comparing, really. 


one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star WarsI think my favourite part of the day was the dinosaur they had. It moved! Terrified me to be honest.It was only due to a man inside the costume moving the dinosaur but it was so realistic. Definitely worth the money to see all of the props and displays. Another moment which terrified me, and I will admit made me physically scream, was the Walking Dead man. He was so realistic and his make up was amazing. However, as I stood to take the photo (as show above), he ran at me and I think my heart stopped. I screamed and ran. Obviously Ginger found it funny, probably the best part of the day for him.




one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star WarsWe managed to spend about three hours there in total, three and a half if you count the queueing. The stalls inside were plentiful but were not all to Ginger’s taste and a fair amount of the merchandise was slightly high in price. We enjoy it thoroughly though. I think the only downfall was how busy it was but what do you expect in York, I suppose. It was very much pushing to get through people at times and the stalls were crowded so was hard to get a good look at what was on offer. I don’t mind this so much but seeing as Ginger is not a massive fan of people and crowds, he did not enjoy that part of the day.


Outside, there were a number of cars on display and even had guns for show. Ginger headed straight for the guns, obviously and was told that he could check them out and hold them if he wanted to


Guess who got excited about that? 


one year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star Warsone year anniversary comic con York unleashed Star WarsEven though there were a lot of stalls, I do not think it quenched Ginger’s obsession with Star Wars and he did not find anything to spend his anniversary money on. We have another Comic Con lined up for a weeks time in Hull anyway so will update you guys on whether he found something exciting.

In regards to me, I found nothing I wanted to buy. I was more interested in the Cosplay and the props that were at the event. I enjoyed these more than the stalls themselves and feel this Comic Con had something for everyone.



Overall, it was definitely worth the money and we have already marked ourselves as interested for the event next year on Facebook. We all enjoyed the day. One tip I can give people for future Unleashed Comic Cons would be to turn up early to skip the huge queues.


I think we are definitely dedicated Comic Con goers now.



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are mine and/ or Ginger’s and are truthful.

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