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Withernsea | June 2018

Coming back from holiday, there was a big shift between constant sun to classic UK weather. I’m not saying it was like the Arctic in the UK, but it was certainly not Turkey weather. That’s for sure.

So when the weather forecast predicted a slightly decent day at the weekend, we were the first to jump on it. Ginger suggested we go to the beach and gave me a choice of Bridlington or Withernsea. When it comes to a trip to the beach, the obvious choice is either Bridlington or Scarborough for us. Always has been. So on this occasion, I thought why not try something different. Give Withernsea a try. Ginger had been before but it had been years and years ago when he was a little baby Ginger. I had never been to Withernsea so it seemed like the perfect time to visit.

The journey was not too bad and we found Withernsea simple to get to. The parking was not too expensive either which was a nice change for the beach. We headed straight for the town centre to see what it had to offer.


We were not overly impressed by Withernsea.


withernsea just sophie ginger day out beach sand bridlington
The only photo from the day out. Unusual for us but there you go

It is safe to say that there is not much there. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it would be the same case for everyone. There were a lot of dog walkers and families with small children who seemed to be having a whale of a time. I can imagine if you had either of these then it would be a more excitable day, definitely. However, for just myself and Ginger, it wasn’t the most exciting of days. 

We were pretty hungry by the time we arrived in the centre of Withernsea and by being at the beach, our dinner choice was obvious. Fish and Chips. Get in! We chose a fish and chip shop which had wooden bench seating outside. I do apologise but I cannot remember the name, as much as I try. It was so nice though! We managed to get ‘battered sausage and large chips with a side’ twice and two drink for under £10. I mean, can you really go wrong with that? I really regret not noting down the name of the fish and chips for you folks but even so, it was nice and we would go back.

Once the fish and chips had been eaten, we were lost for things to do really. We ventured to the permanent car boot and market but this had, at the most, ten stalls and so after around fifteen minutes (maybe even less) we were done. Apart from the walk along the seafront, we had done everything we could think of to do. After two hours, we were heading back to the car to leave.

It may be due to being so used to Bridlington and the size of Bridlington but we were both unsatisfied with the day. That is simply our opinion as a couple and does not suggest that it may be a full and exciting day out for others. Please do not let me put you off. 

To add more to our dismay of the day, we travelled even further to reach Spurn Point only to find that the parking cost £5 and we had no cash on us. What a way to end the day.


If anyone visits Withernsea often and/ or has any suggestions on other activities and things to do that Withernsea offers then please do comment and share your thoughts!



Please note: All images are my own or are not under copyright and have been credited. All opinions are my own and/or Ginger’s and are truthful.

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