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Wetherspoons | The Admiral of the Humber – Hull

Whilst we were enjoying our day at Hull Pride on Saturday 21st July 2018, we decided to visit this Wetherspoons. It was tea-time (dinner if you’re Southern) and we were peckish. Somewhere cheap and cheerful? Wetherspoons here we come!

As it normally is on a weekend, the Wetherspoons was super busy, mainly with people drinking for the night ahead rather than eating out. We headed up the stairs onto the roof terrace to enjoy the Summer evening heat. Even though the roof terrace was also popular, we easily managed to find a table for the three of us. We settled down and decided to use the app to order some food and some drinks.

Myself and my friend Kim ordered from the ‘3 for £10’ section of the menu. Beth, our other friend, ordered a cheese and tomato panini with chips. At the same time, we also ordered 2 pitchers between us (Woo Woo and Blue Lagoon). We paid online and sat chatting while waiting for our food to arrive.

An hour passed and we had still not seen any sign of our food or our drinks. It was getting ridiculous and we were all super hungry. We hollered down a passing Wetherspoons staff member and made her aware we had been waiting too long. She said she would check. A few moments later she returned and let us know it would be a few more minutes. True to her word, mine and Kim’s 3 plates of food arrived.


Two of us had food. One of us had no food. All of us had no drinks.


I could not believe that our food had arrived before our drinks. Five minutes past and we once again hollered down the same girl to explain we had no drinks and poor Beth was sat hungry with no food. She once again went to check. She informed us our drinks had arrived a few moments earlier on a trolley and the guy was getting round to us. However, she stated that Beth’s food had only been ordered 3 minutes prior rather than at the same time as our other orders. We explained that we had ordered it at the same time and showed her our online receipt.


We were then blamed for ordering our food incorrectly.


I was so shocked that we were blamed for the lack of Beth’s food arriving, even though we had been waiting an hour for everything and still had no drinks. I was appalled. We used the app as it instructed and there was no other way of ordering our food, so how can that be the customers’ fault? The waitress informed us she would put Beth’s panini as a priority.


Our drinks then arrived and it was not good news…


First of all, out cocktails had no ice whatsoever. We could not decide whether they had just not bothered to add any ice or whether it had been sat there that long that it had all melted. Either way, we were not impressed. Secondly, we were provided with no glasses or straws. How did they expect us to drink? Directly from the funnel of the jug? It took at least another 5 minutes for our glasses to arrive.


The drinks were the worst things I have ever tasted.


That is not an exaggeration. Normally, when we visit our local Wetherspoons, we order cocktails and even though they are not the best in the world, they are normally decent. This, however, was disgusting. The blue lagoon was undrinkable and we all poured ours away and refused to drink it. The Woo Woo was okay but only just drinkable. The only reason we drank it was because they cost us £12! Disgusting. 

It was a further 10-15 minutes and Beth was still without food. Myself and Kim had finished our food and Beth was still sat without eaten anything in nearly an hour and a half. How disgraceful is that? The waitress noticed her sat with no food and queried if she had received any. We advised she hadn’t and how unhappy we were. The waitress ran off and returned a few minutes after with Beth’s food. So, how long had it been sat waiting to be served to her?


Beth was not happy with her food.


It was definitely not worth the wait. The chips look horrible and Beth stated they were the driest chips she had ever eaten. She ate her panini and left all of the chips. We were not impressed at all.

Overall, our trip to Wetherspoons was a HUGE disappointment and we will NOT be returning. I just cannot believe that we were accused of being the reason that Wetherspoons could not serve 2 meals and 2 cocktails in the right order, and before an hour and a half. Wetherspoons is meant to be a quick but decent place to eat – DEFINITELY NOT. Everything that could go wrong- did.

I will say that the waitress was the only good thing about our visit. She seemed as though she was the supervisor and she did manage to get our food to us eventually.


Do not go here. Ever.



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Beth’s and/or Kim’s and are truthful. Apologies for the absolutely terrible review, I do try and be positive when I can but I have to be truthful.

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