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The ‘Wild Wanderers’ Group

There have been some huge changes in my life recently, and although most are for the best and will ultimately improve my life, it still doesn’t make anything any easier.

The feeling of being ‘lost’ is one that I think most people go through at some point in their lives. I have been at that point recently and unsure where my life was taking me and which paths I should be taking. 

Cue the ‘Wild Wanderers‘.

What is that? I hear you ask. If you had mentioned them to me even a month ago, I wouldn’t have known the answer to that question either. However, I am so glad that I know the answer now. They have been a god save for me.

I found out about the ‘Wild Wanderers‘ through our good friend, Tik Tok.

There I was, aimlessly scrolling away, and a video caught my eye. The reason was a group of women on hikes, swimming, paddleboarding… every outdoor activity you could think of, really.

They were all smiling, they were all having fun and they were all so friendly. The video finished by announcing that this was a group and I could join in and be one of these amazing women!

Image from 'The Wild Wanderers' Facebook Page

There was a link to a Facebook group and there they were. The ‘Wild Wanderers‘. I joined instantly and blindly made my way through the Facebook group to figure out what everything was about. So let me explain…

The ‘Wild Wanderers‘ is a group on Facebook made up of women from around the UK who are interested in anything outdoorsy and are looking to meet new women and make friends.

It is that simple.

And how amazing is that concept!

I thank the founders of this group so much and think so highly of them because I know the ‘Wild Wanderers‘ have saved a lot of women out there. The idea is that anyone in the group can make an event on the Facebook group with the date, time, place, and details of something they want to do, and then people can attend.

The group does have split-off Facebook groups for different regions which are really helpful to find groups that are close by to you. I am a part of the ‘Yorkshire Wild Wanderers‘.

Image from 'The Wild Wanderers Yorkshire & Humber' Facebook Page

I have already been to a few of the events and I have met some brilliant women. Amazingly, there have also been WhatsApp groups created to organize events in specific areas. I love our Hull WhatsApp group and have made some really good friends from it.

If you are an adventurous woman and want to make some new friends and memories then I really would recommend joining the Facebook group and getting involved. 

Stay tuned for posts coming up about the adventures I have already been on and the ones I have planned in the next few months! 

Below I have included the link for easy access for you beautiful women:

Wild Wanderers Website

Wild Wanderers Facebook Group

Yorkshire Wild Wanderers Group 

*** This post has been written solely by me and all opinions are my own. Any Photos are my own or they have been credited.

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