the shower gel of princesses flamingo unicorn mermaid blue purple pink dust

The Shower Gel Of Princesses

Yes, that’s right. Princess shower gel. Shower gel fit for a princess. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a princess? Every girl loves to feel like a Princess every once in a while. And if you don’t, I’m sure you will still love it so don’t worry. 

This will be a short post but it was one that I was super excited to write about. I just had to let you guys know if you hadn’t already seen it. The other day as I was strolling through ASDA, I noticed the most beautiful shower gels. 


Mermazing, Let’s Flamingle

and Cosmic Unicorn!


Imperial Leather has released three limited edition shower gels. Found in most retailers, this shower gel is beautiful, looks beautiful and makes you feel beautiful. At £1 each, they are a steal. Find out a little more about them below:



Fijian Water & Lotus Flower


Let’s Flamingle

Pink Lychee & Raspberry


Cosmic Unicorn

Moon & Sparkles Unicorn Dust


the shower gel of princesses flamingo unicorn mermaid blue purple pink dust


Now at first, I was not sure what Unicorn Dust was meant to smell like but Pink Lychee and Raspberry sounded delicious! As always, it was the packaging more than anything else that drew me in. It is beautiful. Upon giving each a smell, I can confirm that each smells gorgeous. The smell really does live up to the packaging. 

If you want to inject some fun into your boring shower routine, these are the ones for you. But be quick as they are Limited Edition and will be disappearing from our shelves soon I imagine. At £1 each in many stores and 2 for £1.80 at Boots stores, it is affordable to stock up before they are never to be seen again. I know I’ve filled my cupboard.


Feel like a Princess today and grab some for yourself!



P.S. can we just take a moment to discuss the title of this post. This is one that I was befuzzled by for a while before I made a decision and took the plunge. Please could people let me know their opinions on whether my grammatical choice is correct and if not which sentence they believe is correct:

  • The shower gel of Princess’
  • The shower gel of Princess’s
  • The shower gel of Princesses




Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and are truthful.

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