luxe glitz palette matte glitter eyeshadow just sophie

The Best Glitter Eyeshadow Ever

Now isn’t that a statement to make? I mean it though. I think I have found the best eyeshadow and there is no point in keeping my revelation to myself. So here we find ourselves. And what is the name of this fabulous glitter eyeshadow?




luxe glitz palette matte glitter eyeshadow just sophieI was first introduced to this brand by my friend who had taken a whim and purchased the Bomb Dot Com Palette. The Bomb Dot Com palette consists of 24 shade glitters. She was so taken aback and amazed by the powers of this palette that she recommended I try one too. So, in my wisdom, I sent the link to my brother in the hope that he would buy me a palette for Christmas.

Their palettes ae not the cheapest but they are also a lot cheaper than the likes of Mac and Estee Lauder. The Bomb Dot Com sells at £27.99 and the Luxe Glitz selling at £25.99, both with free UK delivery.

The palette which my brother purchased for me is the Luxe Glitz palette. This palette contains 5 glitter and 5 matte shades. Each of the glitter shades is designed to coordinate with the matte colour beneath it, which is handy seeing as I am terrible with colour matching my eyes. Take a look at Jolie Beauty’s description below –


Our LUXE GLITZ glitter eye palette is perfect for those who adore warm and hot, yet natural tones around the eyes, with a shed load of sparkle too. The five matte shades go from a pale pink, all the way into a deep pink rust. Each shade has a correlating glitter shade to compliment the look. Build a deep and beautiful eye look with this stunning eye palette. Water resistant shades, meaning true pigment and staying power. See our video swatches tab to see the shades go under water! Cruelty Free Product.


The eyeshadows are set in a long thin palette, a matte white with a gloss white flower design printed on the top. At first glance, this palette looks beautiful and increases its beauty as you open it. The first thing which catches your eye instantly is the glitter. Compacted above the matte shades, it sparkles against the light as soon as you open it. This palette makes you want to use it as soon as you receive it, and that’s exactly what I did.


luxe glitz palette matte glitter eyeshadow just sophie


The matte shades are the most pigmented I have ever used. There is definitely only need to use the smallest amount of product when using these eyeshadows. I start off with the tiniest bit of product and build upon that to reach the shade I was hoping for. Stand alone, the matte shades look nice against the eyes and are a good range of colours. The matte shadows include a nude pink, deep orange and rosy red. Highly buildable, they are the perfect shades to wear alone for a daytime look or to add glitter as you go into the night.


The glitter is gorgeous.


luxe glitz palette matte glitter eyeshadow just sophieBefore purchasing this palette, I read numerous reviews of the glitter which stated that eyelash glue is needed for the glitter to stick against the lid. However, from my experiences of using this glitter many times since receiving it, I can confirm that I have had no issue with the glitter without glue. I have never used glue with this glitter and do not see the need to use it. The glitter adheres to your lid and provides a good coverage alone. Added with the matte shades, the glitter can create many looks, unlimited looks in fact. The only downfall to the glitter is that it adheres too well so is a nightmare to remove the next day, but ultimately that is a positive right?


I have been so impressed by this palette.



luxe glitz palette matte glitter eyeshadow just sophieLuxe Glitz is honestly my favourite palette ever and each time I go out for a few drinks in town, I instantly reach for this palette. The matte shades are so pigmented and collaborate with the glitter perfectly, giving a professional look. I would say my only fault with this palette is that once on the lid, I find it very hard to add liner. My liquid liner does not seem to show over the glitter and tends to blend into it. However, this may just be my liquid liner as I have not tried using any other with this product. I would recommend Jolie Beauty to anyone and for the price, it is a bargain really.

I have had my palette for just over 6 months and even after using it each time I have gone for a meal or a few drinks, I have used hardly any of the product. I imagine this palette will last me a long time which I am most impressed with. Overall, as stated in the title, I do genuinely believe this is the best glitter palette and I would never use any other.

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Please note: This item was bought personally and not sponsored. All images are my own. All opinions are my own and are truthful.

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