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The Best Body Mist Out There | Only £1.49!

so body mist fragrance spray perfume pink grapefruit sparkling tea iced melonSo… you want to smell good? (See what I did there? You will do soon!). So do I. As my current boss says, in his wisdom, you cannot control the way you look but one thing you can control is how you smell. And how true is that? I think the worst thing that can happen to me is that I smell and no-one informs me. That I walk around all day with people wrinkling their noses and not a single person mentions it. Am I the only one that would prefer someone to tell me that I smell so that I can change it?


I do tend to use a perfume on a daily basis. My perfume of choice is usually Reb’L Fleur By Rihanna perfume as I think this is the nicest out there (well, of what I have smelt so far in my life). However, as many people will realise who use perfume daily, it can become expensive. I took a chance and clocked a body mist on the shelves in Savers and decided to give it a go. What body mist was this, you ask?


So…? Body Mist


so body mist fragrance spray perfume pink grapefruit sparkling tea iced melonAs a youngster, I remember the ‘So…?‘ collection being on the shelves as a body spray and was very popular at the time. Since then, a long while ago, I have not seen or heard of the brand much, but then again I haven’t used a body spray since I was around 14. The main thing that attracted me was the flavour (is that the right thing to say? Flavour? I never know but I call it a flavour anyway. Flavour? You can’t taste it but you can smell it so that still makes it a flavour, right? I don’t know).


Iced Melon


That was the flavour of choice for me. I love eating melon so I thought ‘hey’ why not smell like it too. I am so glad that I gave this fragrance a go because I have been so impressed. It is definitely a mist rather than a spray when used and the scent is very strong. However, it is not an overpowering smell.


so body mist fragrance spray perfume pink grapefruit sparkling tea iced melonThe day after purchasing, I wore it to work and was complimented almost instantly by my boss. Now that is an achievement for this little bottle. The smell does last for the majority of the day and for £1.49 a bottle, you cannot go wrong. I bought my first bottle a good couple of weeks ago and haven’t even used a quarter of it so I am very impressed indeed.


What I also like about the ‘So…? Body Mist‘ is that it has multiple purposes as well. I do use it daily as a body mist but I also use it to freshen up the air in my bedroom and also spritz my bed occasionally as I enjoy the scent so much. The Iced Melon is lovely but there are so many other flavours too!


Check them all out for yourself in store


so body mist fragrance spray perfume pink grapefruit sparkling tea iced melonI won’t list all of the flavours as we could be here for a while but they are worth checking out. In my town, we only have a small Savers so I was only able to purchase the Iced Melon and Sparkling Tea. However, I did discover that Body Care also sells this Body Mist and have a vast variety of flavours. I chose Pink Grapefruit and it is so refreshing and fruity. I love it! I must warn you that the ‘So…? Body Mist‘ from Body Care is a little more money at £1.99 but even for an extra 50p, you can’t really go wrong. If you want to delve into all of their flavours then click here.


Overall, I cannot recommend this brand of Body Mist enough. I am so glad that I tried it and gave it a chance because it was the best thing I have done this month. Not only will I be able to smell so good but I am going to save so much money on fragrance as I can save it for special occasions. I am heading back to Hull on Sunday and cannot wait to buy another couple of flavours to add to my collection.


Don’t just take my word for it, for £1.49 you may as well try it for yourself!


P.S. There are a few flavours which are exclusive to Superdrug so worth a look in there. Check out these exclusive flavours here.



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