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    York Unleashed Comic Con | August 2018

    I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but it was mine and Ginger’s first anniversary this weekend. I know right, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it? No, I joke. I get that I may be going on and on about it but can you blame me when I’m this happy? I promise this is the last post abut it, though. I wanted to get out there my thoughts on my second ever Comic Con event.   So here we go…   Now, I have only ever been to one other Comic Con (which you can read about here) and to everyones surprise, including me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It…

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    Flamingo Land, Malton | August 2018

    If you have read my previous post to this one, then you will know that over the weekend I celebrated mine and Ginger’s one year anniversary. We love visiting new places and exploring new things to do and our anniversary was a reason to do something different. I gave Ginger the responsibility of deciding our plans for the Saturday and I’m so glad that I did. He definitely picked a good one. I think by the title of the post you can tell where we went.   Flamingo Land!!!   We have both been to Flamingo Land before but it has been a while for both of us. We both…

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    Our One Year Anniversary

    As I sit here typing this, I sit with a smile on my face knowing that I have had the greatest three day weekend with my best friend and my favourite person on the planet. My Ginger. A three day weekend of celebrating making a year together and celebrating our future years to come. They say the first year of a relationship is the hardest and if you can get through it then you can get through a further ten! Here’s to many more amazing years with my Ginger.   On the 10th August last year, Ginger and I sat in Bella Italia for our first date and we haven’t looked…