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    Disneyland Paris | February 2018

    This post is also late but due to myself not having downloaded WordPress when we visited the magical Disneyland, I have let myself off! That’s right I said it…   DISNEYLAND PARIS!   Me being the amazing girlfriend that I am bought this trip as the main present for Ginger for Christmas 2017. It was our first Christmas together and wanted to get something we would both enjoy and special. Now, if you think I was selfish by buying him something I wanted to do, you are far from right. See, the reason why I decided to take us to Disneyland is due to Disney hosting ‘Star Wars Season‘ throughout February.…

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    Knaresborough | September 2017

    Well, what a gorgeous place! Any more really need to be said? Maybe a little, so keep reading to discover our day out antics and what I thought… So Ginger and I decided to do something different for the weekend. When I say we decided, what I really mean is I decided. As many girls do, I wanted a romantic day out with my man. To make matters even better it was gorgeous weather as well. The perfect day out. For a start off, I would just like to point out how easy it was to park. One thing I hate about driving to days out is the lack of parking and…