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    Royal Mile Backpackers Hostel, Edinburgh | February 2020

    Our Edinburgh choice of stay. When we were looking at booking a long weekend to Edinburgh (check out this blog post first), we figured it would be pretty costly. We checked out the hotels and we were correct. That only meant one thing. Hostel searching. It was pretty easy to find a hostel in Edinburgh. I mean, there are loads of them. The hard thing was deciding which one we wanted to go for. We limited the search to the center as neither of us had been to Edinburgh before and we knew we would get lost otherwise. Not to promote myself as a cheapskate but we opted for the cheapest…

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    Glasses Direct | Are They Too Good To Be True?

    Glasses. Does anybody who has to wear them really like them? I know that I don’t and I have been wearing glasses since I was in year 4 at Primary School. Apart from anything else, I just don’t think I suit glasses and definitely do not have the face shape for them. I just think they ruin any look I try and go for but then at the same time, if I don’t wear them then I can’t see. Such issues.   I hate wearing glasses.   Unfortunately, it is just something that I have to do or I cannot see. I have tried the other option of contact lenses…

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    Wetherspoons | The Admiral of the Humber – Hull

    Whilst we were enjoying our day at Hull Pride on Saturday 21st July 2018, we decided to visit this Wetherspoons. It was tea-time (dinner if you’re Southern) and we were peckish. Somewhere cheap and cheerful? Wetherspoons here we come! As it normally is on a weekend, the Wetherspoons was super busy, mainly with people drinking for the night ahead rather than eating out. We headed up the stairs onto the roof terrace to enjoy the Summer evening heat. Even though the roof terrace was also popular, we easily managed to find a table for the three of us. We settled down and decided to use the app to order some…