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    Present Ideas

    Buy Someone A Star

      THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT ANYONE HAS EVER BOUGHT ME, EVER!   And who bought me this amazing and awesome present you may ask? Well, do you really need to ask? Ginger of course. My incredible boyfriend bought me a star, a literal in the sky big ball of gas kind of star. Genuine. How awesome is that? Just to think that there is a star up there in the sky named after me. Me. Sophie!   The most unique and personal gift ever.   I mean I am aware that stars are all dead. Well, not all I don’t think but the majority of them are, right? I’m…

  • Sewn with Love
    Present Ideas

    Personalised Embroidered Bunny

    Sewn with love So, after some exciting news, a present was in order. The news? One of my closest friends went into labour. The not so exciting news? She was three months early. Don’t panic though, both my friend and her daughter are fine and her daughter is a little fighter who has beaten all obstacles in her way. Everyone is so proud of her! To celebrate the occasion and her birth, it was time to find her a present! After a brief look for personalised gifts, I found the perfect one.   A hidden gem on Facebook   I discovered a wonderful woman on Facebook with her own business named…