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    Career Move | Settling Down

    Careers, eh? Aren’t they so confusing? See, your job takes up over half of your life and, personally, I think the decision of what you want your career to be is a massive one. This is your entire life we are talking about. And I know that you can change jobs and it’s not 100% set in stone, but how many times do you really want to change your job? I’ve come to the point in my life where I would rather find a job that was suited so I could settle. There is nothing worse than the stress of finding a job, applying, waiting for a response, interviewing and…

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    New House | On The Move

    A little bit of a life update here. A stressful and scary one but also an exciting one! We have moved. Nowhere too far away, we are still in Goole but we have moved. We finally have an actual house rather than a flat. And it feels so so so nice to have stairs. I know that seems strange for someone to say but when you’ve lived on a one floor place for a year and a half, you really miss having a second floor to climb to. It wasn’t a rash decision but it was one that needed doing.  To give you a brief of the situation, we were…

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    How To Be The Best Lifestyle Blogger The You Can Be: Advice/ Tips/ Tricks Collab

    This Blogger’s Collab Post was created by Amy Jane and in classic Amy Style: is purely for helping and supporting as many bloggers out there as possible, whether you are a lifestyle, travel, beauty, art/photography or a student/ school life blogger. This collab is bound to help you be the best sort of blogger that you can be! I am collaborating with 3 other AMAZING bloggers that all have different niches and interest points. Each of them will be publishing a post like this one for th collab. However, they have all got one specific niche that they have been assigned to and will be running through all the best…

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    BREAKING NEWS: Blog Update

    As soon as I started this blog I knew I wanted to write lots and lots and lots… you get the idea. So I decided to write a daily blog, one which would host new content every day of the week. I have been running this blog for a couple of weeks now and even though I love doing it, I have come to the point where my work life, social life and blog life are colliding too much.   Work is getting in the way of my writing.   It’s been a tough decision but I feel it is for the best. I cannot continue to post daily and…