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    Smoking Kills | ‘It’s The Small Thing’ Series

    Welcome to an instalment of my first short story series. ‘It’s The Small Things’ is a short story series featuring the running topic of death. This series shows the importance of decisions in our lives and portrays how one decision (a small thing) can cause our end. This series may be upsetting and/or graphic and may not be suitable for those easily upset.    Lindsay stood outside the club. With arms folded, she stared at Franklin. He brought his lit cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply. “What does a girl have to do to get a cig around here?” She said, a flirtatious smile spread across her face. “Oh come on, you…

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    I Bought Myself A Typewriter

      So this may be an odd thing that you think of someone who is 23 to buy themselves. Most people would rather spend their money on a PS4 game or towards a laptop in this day and age. However, I gained an obsession with typewriters and would not have been happy and content with myself until I had one. My obsession started from a film. A film, you say? Yes, a film. The film in question is based on the book ‘Misery’ by Stephen King. It was late one night, I couldn’t tell you when but a few weeks back, and I saw the film had been added to Netflix.…