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    Travelling | Time To Take The Plunge?

    I’ve always wanted to be one of those people. You know the ones who seem to be in an amazing far off place that you’ve never heard of before but makes you super jealous because you’re stuck at work. One of them people. The free, fun loving fellows. Travelling is one of them life long loves that many people have but never get to achieve or don’t have the guts to. Well I’m one of those hopeless people who don’t have the guts to actually do it. Even though I want to travel so bad I’m hopeless. There’s always been something I can convince myself is a good excuse not…

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    Budapest | March 2019

    Okay, so, I’m really going to try and keep my excitement in but…   I WENT TO BUDAPEST FOR MY BIRTHDAY!   Sorry guys, I failed. As you can tell, I was super excited to have the opportunity to discover Budapest. Now, we went for four days and they were PACKED full of activities so this may be a slightly longer post than normal. But stay with me because I have all you need to know to have the BEST time in Budapest.    Myself and my brother, Tom, decided to celebrate my birthday by visiting Budapest. We chose to use the cheapest way possible and flew with Ryanair and…

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    London | January 2019

    LONDON! I bloody love London, I really do, and I was lucky enough to visit once again. I visited London in December of 2017 with Ginger but this time it was my brother, Tom’s, turn. And the reason for this?   In terms of travel, we decided to travel via train from Doncaster, direct to London. Once again, the best time to look into your tickets is three months before. This is when the cheaper tickets become available from the Trainline.com and you can travel from London and back for as little as £25, as we did.   For our first day, we decided to check out the museums. Most…