• JustSophie Nails,  The Nail Journey

    JustSophie Nails | All Set And Ready

    Nails. Nails. Nails. It is legitimately all I can think about at the moment. I am just so excited about my new venture. It is now a reality rather than just a thought. I can do nails guys! If you have read my previous post discussing my plans to learn how to do nails, you will know that I had started a course to learn how to do gel polishes and acrylic nails. I can now state that I have finished my course. What did I think of it? I LOVED IT! It really was so intriguing and definitely worth the money. It took me around a month and a…

  • the shower gel of princesses flamingo unicorn mermaid blue purple pink dust

    The Shower Gel Of Princesses

    Yes, that’s right. Princess shower gel. Shower gel fit for a princess. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a princess? Every girl loves to feel like a Princess every once in a while. And if you don’t, I’m sure you will still love it so don’t worry.  This will be a short post but it was one that I was super excited to write about. I just had to let you guys know if you hadn’t already seen it. The other day as I was strolling through ASDA, I noticed the most beautiful shower gels.    Mermazing, Let’s Flamingle and Cosmic Unicorn!   Imperial Leather has released three limited…