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    Blog Goal Reached | Featuring GIVEAWAY!

    I still consider myself a newbie and, to be honest, I probably will continue to do so until I have reached the six-month mark, maybe even longer! It might be a year before I actually consider myself a blogger.   I started blogging for myself and it was a good way to fill my free time (basically once Ginger has gone to bed for his 4am start) and to occupy my mind as well. I love writing and always have done so this was the perfect hobby for me. I blog for myself and have done since around two months ago when I published my first post.   However,  …

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    Hubble Contact Lenses | Are They As Good As They Claim?

    One thing that I would change about myself is my eyes. Now, don’t get my wrong, I love my eyes themselves, I think they are the best feature of my face. However, what is behind the eyes is the issue. My eyesight is terrible. Without glasses, I cannot see anything really and every day is like living in a bubble of blur. Imagine living in a pint glass, the world around you a blurred sheen. That’s my life without glasses. It has been since I was in Primary School.   I hate, no DESPISE, wearing glasses.   I’m not sure whether you have noticed or not. There are not many…

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    The Best Glitter Eyeshadow Ever

    Now isn’t that a statement to make? I mean it though. I think I have found the best eyeshadow and there is no point in keeping my revelation to myself. So here we find ourselves. And what is the name of this fabulous glitter eyeshadow?   LUXE GLITZ PALETTE by Jolie Beauty   I was first introduced to this brand by my friend who had taken a whim and purchased the Bomb Dot Com Palette. The Bomb Dot Com palette consists of 24 shade glitters. She was so taken aback and amazed by the powers of this palette that she recommended I try one too. So, in my wisdom, I sent the…