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    Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

    Ever wanted to do something insane. Not like over the top but something just… different. Well, how about a colour change?   Grab some Directions and get going.   ‘Directions‘ is a semi-permanent hair dye made by ‘La Riche’. It can be found in most beauty shops or online. To check out ‘Directions‘ hair dye directly, click here. It comes in a tub, pre-mixed for your convenience. Simple to use, it is the best semi-permanent dye I have ever used. At a low average price of around £4, you cant really go wrong for a simple non-permanent colour change. The dye comes in 36 differing colours, which can be seen…

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    What Happened When I Stripped My Hair

    So we all do it, I can’t be the only one. You look at your hair in the mirror and BAM – suddenly you want to change it up. Well, I don’t mean you want to wait a week and decide which dye and which colour like a sensible person would, I mean you want to change your hair colour NOW! Its happened to us all, I am sure. Maybe not to those brave and lucky girls who have never dyed their hair – salutes to you girlies – or having a gorgeous natural colour that you love. For me, my moment was in the car. I had just been to Nandos…