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    Falling Foss Waterfall, Whitby | May 2021

    03.05.2021 I have never been to see a waterfall before and as far as I can remember, I have never seen one in real life. It seems like a strange thing to say but when you think about it, have you ever stood at the bottom of a waterfall? I hadn’t really thought about it until I saw someone post on Facebook their recent trip to one. The name of the place was Falling Foss. I googled it and realised it is pretty much next to Whitby and so only about an hour and half drive away. As you know, I love an adventure so I mentioned it to Lewis…

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    Scarborough | April 2021

    17.04.2021 It was girls day and seeing as the sun was shining, what better way to spend girls day than a day at the beach?  Scarborough, to be exact. The drive and parking. Scarborough is only an hour and a half drive away from where we live which isn’t bad at all. The drive is a nice one but, be warned, it is very hilly and sometimes can be a difficult drive if in a small engined car.  Adds to the excitement of the drive though, right? In my opinion, the best car park, and the cheapest, is the NCP Balmoral Car Park. Situated in the centre of Scarborough and…

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    New Job Update | The First Day Of A New Life

    Bit dramatic the title, isn’t it? It is the truth though. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of changes in my life, both wanted and unwanted. Starting my new role in a new office with a new company was one of them changes. I woke on the 24th September knowing that my life had made a massive leap. I was out of my comfort zone and starting work in a completely new place.   Scary, right?   You see the truth is that your work does make up most of your life. Working is life for most people and I am included within these people.…

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    Final Day At Work | A New Start

    What an emotional day. My final day at work before I begin my new job in five days time. It was a weird one because as excited as I am to be starting a new job, and hopefully my future career, I was sad to be leaving. I think if you have enjoyed working for somewhere for over a year and a half, that is pretty normal, really.   One door closes and another one opens   Leaving my job was that best thing for myself even though I was sad to be leaving. Due to my wanting to ‘fly the nest’ as people say, I was needing a full-time…