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    Scarborough | April 2021

    17.04.2021 It was girls day and seeing as the sun was shining, what better way to spend girls day than a day at the beach?  Scarborough, to be exact. The drive and parking. Scarborough is only an hour and a half drive away from where we live which isn’t bad at all. The drive is a nice one but, be warned, it is very hilly and sometimes can be a difficult drive if in a small engined car.  Adds to the excitement of the drive though, right? In my opinion, the best car park, and the cheapest, is the NCP Balmoral Car Park. Situated in the centre of Scarborough and…

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    Blog Goal Reached | Featuring GIVEAWAY!

    I still consider myself a newbie and, to be honest, I probably will continue to do so until I have reached the six-month mark, maybe even longer! It might be a year before I actually consider myself a blogger.   I started blogging for myself and it was a good way to fill my free time (basically once Ginger has gone to bed for his 4am start) and to occupy my mind as well. I love writing and always have done so this was the perfect hobby for me. I blog for myself and have done since around two months ago when I published my first post.   However,  …

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    Burgers & More | Harrogate

    I’m asking you to go back a while now, I know, but if you read my blog posts on the regular, then you may have seen that myself and Ginger went Llama Walking in Harrogate for my birthday. (If you haven’t already read the most awesome day of my life then just click here). We stayed over in Harrogate and so going out for food was essential for survival!   As it was my birthday, it was down to Ginger to choose where we went for food. As we visit different places often, we do try and find local places to try that we can’t find anywhere else. Just makes…