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    JustSophie Nails | All Set And Ready

    Nails. Nails. Nails. It is legitimately all I can think about at the moment. I am just so excited about my new venture. It is now a reality rather than just a thought. I can do nails guys! If you have read my previous post discussing my plans to learn how to do nails, you will know that I had started a course to learn how to do gel polishes and acrylic nails. I can now state that I have finished my course. What did I think of it? I LOVED IT! It really was so intriguing and definitely worth the money. It took me around a month and a…

  • JustSophie Nails,  The Nail Journey

    New Skills Academy | The Start Of The Nail Journey

    As you may well now from my latest post (and if you don’t what are you playing at? Catch up here, jeez), I have decided to take up the art of nails as a new hobby. To paraphrase my last post, I have been getting a gel polish once a month for the past year from the amazing Clare at ‘Prize Nails‘. I am always amazed by how she can create something so beautiful yet so unique each time.    I want to be part of this beauty.   And so I have decided to complete a course as my main hobby to take up time when I just want…

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    Present Ideas

    Buy Someone A Star

      THIS IS THE BEST PRESENT ANYONE HAS EVER BOUGHT ME, EVER!   And who bought me this amazing and awesome present you may ask? Well, do you really need to ask? Ginger of course. My incredible boyfriend bought me a star, a literal in the sky big ball of gas kind of star. Genuine. How awesome is that? Just to think that there is a star up there in the sky named after me. Me. Sophie!   The most unique and personal gift ever.   I mean I am aware that stars are all dead. Well, not all I don’t think but the majority of them are, right? I’m…