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    Eden Camp, Malton | August 2018

    For a while now, even maybe for a couple of months, myself and Ginger have been wanting to visit Eden Camp. Things just kept cropping up and so it was put further and further back on our list of things to do. However, a free day came around for us both and it was fate to hop in the car and head down to Eden Camp.   Situated in Malton, North Yorkshire, Eden Camp is a modern history theme museum which is dedicated to the Second World War and is based between the years of 1939 – 1945. The museum has been open for the past 30 years and, as Ginger…

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    How To Create Circle Images/ Photos Using Photoshop | Blog Improvements

    I have not been blogging for, like, ages and ages. To be honest, I think it has only been about two months, which in the blogging world isn’t really that long. I still consider myself a beginner and I am constantly learning new things. One main aspect of being a blogger is checking out and supporting other fellow bloggers. When you do this, you also notice elements on their blog that look awesome and you get the ‘how do they do that? I want that‘ moment.   I came across one of these moments multiple times. I had noticed so many people had some of their images in a circle…

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    Withernsea | June 2018

    Coming back from holiday, there was a big shift between constant sun to classic UK weather. I’m not saying it was like the Arctic in the UK, but it was certainly not Turkey weather. That’s for sure. So when the weather forecast predicted a slightly decent day at the weekend, we were the first to jump on it. Ginger suggested we go to the beach and gave me a choice of Bridlington or Withernsea. When it comes to a trip to the beach, the obvious choice is either Bridlington or Scarborough for us. Always has been. So on this occasion, I thought why not try something different. Give Withernsea a…

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    My First Comic Con | June 2018

    That’s right, I have never been to a Comic Con. I have heard so much about them, I have just never had anyone to go with really. Well, now I have my Ginger. A Ginger who is obsessed with Star Wars.   I mean OBSESSED.    So, obviously, as soon as we heard about a Comic Con coming to Scunthorpe, he had to go. I was more than willing to take him as I was intrigued by the entire thing myself. Hosted on the 17th June 2018, we planned our day and aimed to arrive at around 11am so we weren’t the first ones to arrive. Seeing as my brother has…

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    Knaresborough | September 2017

    Well, what a gorgeous place! Any more really need to be said? Maybe a little, so keep reading to discover our day out antics and what I thought… So Ginger and I decided to do something different for the weekend. When I say we decided, what I really mean is I decided. As many girls do, I wanted a romantic day out with my man. To make matters even better it was gorgeous weather as well. The perfect day out. For a start off, I would just like to point out how easy it was to park. One thing I hate about driving to days out is the lack of parking and…