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    Fresh Format Feel | Embracing The New Look

    Formatting a blog. It’s strange what set your memory going and make you miss the world of blogging. You can go months without feeling the need to write and then – BAM – the writing bug hits you harder than Dorothy’s tornado. Lewis and I have been watching Slasher on Netflix. Just to digress here but if you haven’t watched it, you need to. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, the third series features a blogger. And that was my trigger. And so here I am. Writing away. Designing blog headers. I figured some modernisation was needed and so I started in the only logical place. The header. Start…

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    How To Be The Best Lifestyle Blogger The You Can Be: Advice/ Tips/ Tricks Collab

    This Blogger’s Collab Post was created by Amy Jane and in classic Amy Style: is purely for helping and supporting as many bloggers out there as possible, whether you are a lifestyle, travel, beauty, art/photography or a student/ school life blogger. This collab is bound to help you be the best sort of blogger that you can be! I am collaborating with 3 other AMAZING bloggers that all have different niches and interest points. Each of them will be publishing a post like this one for th collab. However, they have all got one specific niche that they have been assigned to and will be running through all the best…

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    Sunshine Blogger Award

    So exciting news. I have been nominated to take part in the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Jess (A Greek Lifestyle Blogger). She is awesome and you should definitely check her out. Now, as I still consider myself as being new to the blogging world, I was not surprised when I didn’t have a clue what this award was about. So, as did Jess, I had to give it a quick google. For those who are in the same position as me, I shall let you into the secrets of what all this is about before I start. Sunshine Blogger Award is a great way of giving fellow bloggers the gratitude and the recognition that they…