Sunshine Blogger Award

So exciting news. I have been nominated to take part in the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by Jess (A Greek Lifestyle Blogger). She is awesome and you should definitely check her out.

Now, as I still consider myself as being new to the blogging world, I was not surprised when I didn’t have a clue what this award was about. So, as did Jess, I had to give it a quick google. For those who are in the same position as me, I shall let you into the secrets of what all this is about before I start.

Sunshine Blogger Award is a great way of giving fellow bloggers the gratitude and the recognition that they deserve.


So you have been nominated to take part? Like and retweet the amazing person who did this for you and then check out their post. After reading their answers to the questions they were presented to, subscribe to their blog. Support! Now it’s time to create your own post and answer the questions you have been given. Once you have done this, it’s time to choose 11 of your favourite bloggers and nominate them. Don’t forget to add a list of 11 questions for them to answer too. It’s all about supporting each other guys!


And here we go.


1. Where’s your favourite country to travel to and why?

Now, this is going to sound cliche but I do not care as it is true. My favourite country is my own, the UK. Now, I’m not saying that to be all patriotic. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my country and I am proud to be English, but the reason the UK is my favourite country is due to its diversity. I have done most of my travelling in the UK and no matter what you want, you are bound to find it somewhere in the UK. Forest holidays, beach holidays, hiking holidays, it has it all. Plus, we have London!

2. If there was a piece of music you had to listen to forever, what would it be?

I don’t know about a piece of music, but I can name a band. Whenever anyone asks me to choose a favourite song or one I could only listen to forever and ever, I can never choose. There are so many amazing songs out there! However, I can name a few favourite bands for you, that’s easy. However, one band that I could only listen to forever would be a band called ‘Against The Current’. They are a band which formed in 2011 and mainly resided on Youtube with cover songs. They have blossomed and brought out a number of their own albums. They are amazing and have gotten me through some really rough times. They deserve more recognition, to be honest.


I am not a massive drinker. I used to be, especially at University, but since moving back to my hometown, I have stopped, to be honest. If I had to choose one drink though, it would be fruit cider. I am the classic girl. I would probably choose Kopparberg. Has to be Strawberry and Lime though.
4. What made you decide to blog?
This is an answer I would rather not get into as it is very personal and private, to be honest. Let’s just say blogging keeps my mind active and improves my mood and feelings. Next question!
5. Where would you like to travel to next?
One place that I would love to travel to is Thailand. I have seen so many people travel there and read so many good reviews. It looks amazing and one day I will visit, whether it be alone or find someone to come with me who wants to visit. It is one for the future though but I am so looking forward until that day arrives.
6. Have you been to Greece? If so tell me where!
I have in fact been to Greece. Well, I have been to the Greek Islands. Two of them! I have been to Crete and Corfu. I had an awesome time at both and would love to visit again. I love Greece, gorgeous landscapes and really nice people. It is definitely a recommended holiday destination, for sure.
7. Would you rather travel to hot or cold countries and why?
This one is very easy – hot. This is due to the simple fact that I am the coldest person ever. I am cold even during the UK summer and so the hotter the better for me. If I decided to travel to somewhere known for being cold, I would probably freeze. Literally.
8. Are you doing your dream job?
I am not and I do not think I ever will be. My dream job has always been to become a successful writer. I have learnt that this will not happen but it does not stop me from writing. In fact, I am considering adding an ‘Original Work’ category to my blog for people to give feedback to my short stories and poems.
9. What book have you read over and over?
I do not tend to re-read books. For some reason, it does not interest me to read something I know the ending to. However, there is one set of books which I hve re-read so many times. ‘The Saga of Darren Shan’ written by Darren Shan himself. I love this author and he is who I aspire to be as a writer.
10. What’s your go-to activity when you’re feeling down?
This blog is my go-to activity when I feel any emotion other than happiness, and even is when I’m happy!
11. If you could be the star of a film, which film would it be?
I would star in Les Miserables. I can’t sing though so I think realistically that’s out of the question really.
Here are my nominations:
  1. Lynette
  2. Caledonian Kitty
  3. Imogen
  4. Amy Jane
  5. Earth To Connie
  6. Don’t Give A Jam
  7. The Talking Blog
  8. Nancy Mulligan
  9. Laura
  10. Dan’s Book Blog
  11. Shouty Ms

Here are my 11 questions:

  1. What is your favourite month of the year and why?
  2. Who is the one person that could make you smile, even on the most down of days?
  3. What is the best dream you have had that you can remember?
  4. What is your favourite food and why?
  5. If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would you live?
  6. If you could only take one thing onto a desert island with you, what would it be?
  7. What are your favourite things to blog about?
  8. Where was the last place that you travelled to?
  9. What song makes you happy as soon as you listen to it?
  10. What colour is your bedroom?
  11. How do you eat your jaffa cakes?


It’s your time to shine so get going, folks!

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