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Spurn Point, Hull | August 2021

If you’ve not seen my previous post about my first experience of paddleboarding then go check it out here.

I only say that because my next experience with the ‘Wild Wanderers‘ was the same day. Only in the evening.

Elena and I headed to her house after the paddleboarding session and grabbed something to eat. We had a couple of hours to kill before we needed to set off for our next meet-up.

Elena kindly offered to drive us both down to Spurn Point. It makes sense to car share when we can to save money and help the environment.

It took us about an hour and a half to reach Spurn Point and when we arrived, there were already a few ‘Wild Wanderers‘ waiting.

As soon as we walked toward them, they were so friendly and welcomes us with smiles. It was so easy to chat while we waited for the others to arrive.

It was so daunting, yet exciting, to be surrounded by women I had never met before to spend the evening with. 

We decided to head to the beach rather than walk the length of Spurn Point.

A couple of the women, including Elena, wanted to go for a little walk before chilling on the beach so they headed off and we made our way toward a nice sheltered area to set up as it was a little windy. 

As soon as we settled down in a circle, most of the group wanted to go into the sea for a mini wild swim. I did consider it but I had no other change of clothes and so just watched. 

Boring, I know.

Everyone barring three, including me, ran straight into the water. It was so funny seeing their faces when the cold hit them but they were all laughing and looked like they were having a whale of a time. 

We three decided to paddle in the water to our knees so I rolled up my joggers and headed in. The water was cold but not as bad as I thought and I got used to the temperature pretty quickly.

It was so tempting to get in the water and join everyone fully so when it started spitting with rain, that was it. I headed in the water.

I thought ‘f**k it’ and just dived straight in wearing my joggers and underwear and top; the lot!

It was so invigorating and was actually amazing. It felt so freeing to not care and throw all my worries to the wind and just put myself out there. In the end, we all ended up in the water.

The number of laughs was unbelievable and I felt like I had known these women my whole life. There was even a seal that decided to pop its head up not too far away.

How incredible is that?

At first, we all thought it was a stray dog until we realized it was a seal. I suppose, though, seals are known as the dogs of the water.

After about 15 minutes, we all got out of the water and were so relieved to have our towels wrapped around us. Thankfully, the weather had cleared up and the evening was fairly warm.

That’s when it hit me.

The reality was that I had no change of clothes. I did have a jumper in my backpack and I had my towel so I undressed and wore the towel as a skirt and my jumper as a top. I looked absolutely ridiculous but did I care? NOPE.

Surprisingly, I was actually comfortable.

Raychel had brought a tin can and some wood so we were able to set up a little campfire. We had also brought some marshmallows to toast.

By this point, all of the women had joined us from their walk and we all huddled around the campfire on the sand and toasted our marshmallows on sticks.

It was the ultimate cute night.

I had never had an evening like this one and I am so thankful for the ‘Wild Wanderers‘ introducing me to these meetups.

We chatted all evening and it was so easy with conversation, it just flowed. We were hoping to see the sunset but unfortunately, we were not able to get a clear view.

It didn’t spoil our evening though. What a night!

*** This post has been written solely by me and all opinions are my own. All photos are my own or have been credited.

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