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'It's The Small Things' Series,  Train of Thought

Smoking Kills | ‘It’s The Small Things’ Series

Welcome to an instalment of my first short story series. ‘It’s The Small Things’ is a short story series featuring the running topic of death. This series shows the importance of decisions in our lives and portrays how one decision (a small thing) can cause our end. This series may be upsetting and/or graphic and may not be suitable for those easily upset. 


Lindsay stood outside the club. With arms folded, she stared at Franklin. He brought his lit cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply.

“What does a girl have to do to get a cig around here?” She said, a flirtatious smile spread across her face.

“Oh come on, you owe me three already,” he replied.

“What can I say? I’m charming,” she said with a wink.

She raised her hand to her mouth and bit the nail of her thumb through a smile, blinking her long curled eyelashes towards him. Lindsay moved her face closer to Franklin’s and aligned her lips with his ear.

“Be a babe,” she breathed.

“How can you be so sexy?” Franklin laughed, turning and pecking her warmly on the cheek. Lindsay moved away and plucked a cigarette from the open packet held in Franklin’s hand.

“You’re a star,” she said, returning the peck.

“Yeah, yeah. I know.”


“Jesus woman. I give you the world and you just want more,” he laughed.

Franklin reached into his pocket and handed one to her. She smiled her thanks at him and went to light the one thing she ha been craving through the entire night. It was the alcohol she blamed her social bad habit on but she just couldn’t help herself on every night out. She brought the cigarette to her lips and held it in place. Raising the lighter to the end, she flicked the top.

Nothing happened.

She tried again.


“It’s not working.” Instant frustration sounded through her voice. She flicked the lighter a third time, a fourth. “It’s not fucking working.”

She flung her arm back and forth with fury, trying desperately to bring a flame to the lighter. She flicked the top of it over and over, anger taking over her completely. As though the world had heard her wishes, a spark flicked from the lighter. The flame escaped in a flurry as Lindsay’s hand flung backwards in frustration. The lighter coughed a small flame which caught against the ends of her black hair, turning a flame into fire within a moment.

The fire rapidly took hold of her thick hair and transformed it from the deepest of black to brightest of orange within an instant as the heat ate through the strands. The flames engulfed her head, hungrily anticipating the taste of her scalp. It licked at her skin, causing seeping pain to seize her nerves.

“Help me,” she screamed at the wide-eyed Franklin. His feet had instantaneously frozen into the paving slabs beneath. “Franklin!”

With the sound of his name, Franklin jumped from his rigid stance and his head shot from one side to the next in a panicked frenzy. Crazed thoughts flew through his mind, trying to find the answer he needed to save her. Looking down, he hurled his arm forward and threw his drink over her head in a bid to quench the flames.

The vodka combined within his glass excited the fire with passion and they leapt at the aroma. Lindsay’s cries intensified as the heat threatened to melt away her skin. Blood trickled down her forehead, soaking through the black dress she was wearing. The heightened flames continued to lick at the smoothness of her scalp. The constant stream of thick red liquid flooded down her body as Lindsay fell to her knees.

A flurry of hands scuttled across her skin in a struggle to help suffocate the flames.

No success.

Only helpless whimpers escaped Lindsay’s lips, her life draining as each second passed. Within a moment, the pain was extinguished from her nerves as she felt a wash of cold water freeze her body. The water dripped from her body and integrated with her own blood pooled beneath her.

The feeling of serenity flowed through her mind and body, casting a peaceful smile across her lips, as she closed her lids for the last time.



This is an original piece written and authored by Sophie Lloyd and is intended to be only published on this site (JustSophie) and no other publication without prior permission. Do not use, copy or publish this piece without prior permission. This piece is under copyright. If you wish to discuss publication of this piece, please use my contact page or work with me page. Thank you.

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