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Should We Be Killing Spiders? | Yay Or Nay?

Do not fear. No images of spiders shall appear in this post. No-one likes to look at a picture of a spider. If you do, you need to leave swiftly. Thanks.



What am I scared of? I think you could probably guess but I’ll let you know anyway just in case you havent caught on. SPIDERS. I don’t know why but I am completely terrified of them. As are most people, I believe. I think it probably is one of the most common fears. I’m not sure about anyone else but they just make me feel uncomfortable. It’s the legs. Eight legs! So unnatural.


I am aware that I am writng this post an hour after I forced my brother to hoover up a spider. There I was minding my own business washing my hands in the bathroom when a HUGE black spot started walking along the ceiling. I saw it in the mirror and freaked out. I cannot stand in the same room as a spider. Once I am aware it is there, I am gone. Safe to say I ran out of there as quick as I could. No way Sophie was staying in the same room as a spider.


The spider went straight up the vacuum cleaner, courtesy of my brother


I am not sure if this method actually kills spiders or not but I presume it does. Well, without further ado, let’s get onto the topic at hand…

Should we really be killing spiders?


I understand that they scare a lot f people and how fast they walk is just awful, but it is not their fault. They do not decide to be born as a spider. They mind their own business and BANG, they’re squashed against a wall to never see light gain. They do insist on coming out though, especially when you are chilling in bed and they decide to craw along the wall. Do they deserve to die, though?


Maybe it’s not the question of whether we should kill them but the way we choose to kill them? It is inhumane. Hitting a spider and squashing it to death. You wouldn’t do that to a person but then again they aren’t people. Should they have the same rights to live as we do.


When you think about it, when you are killing a spider, you are essentially choosing that a living thing deserves to die. It is a question which does cross my mind a lot because I do hate them and they do terrify me and I do want them gone. Then at the same time, I do not believe they should die due my not liking them. It does not stop me from killing them when I see them, however, and that is something which I do dislike about myself.


It is a weird one to have conflicts about and it popped in my head the other day. I would not like to be squashed to death while just chilling and enjoying life so why should I inflict that on a living thing? 


I want your thoughts on this matter. Should we be killing spiders for our own benefit? Should they be considered as living things even though they are an insect? What do you do when you see one? Let me know your thoughts! 

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