Scarborough | April 2021


It was girls day and seeing as the sun was shining, what better way to spend girls day than a day at the beach? 

Scarborough, to be exact.

The drive and parking.

Scarborough is only an hour and a half drive away from where we live which isn’t bad at all.

The drive is a nice one but, be warned, it is very hilly and sometimes can be a difficult drive if in a small engined car. 

Adds to the excitement of the drive though, right?

In my opinion, the best car park, and the cheapest, is the NCP Balmoral Car Park.

Situated in the centre of Scarborough and only a ten-minute walk from the beach, it is perfect. The parking spaces are a bit tight but we was there most of the day and it cost less than a fiver. Can’t go wrong really.

Girls day out for us.

The fish and chips.

We decided food was the main concern as soon as we arrived as we were starving.

Obviously, it had to be fish and chips. There are a couple of chippies along the seafront and we decided on Papas Fish and Chips.

I got the Papa Special which included fish and chips with a side. I also got a can and it came to just over £5. Not too expensive for a chippy along the seafront.

They self-proclaim ‘Britain’s best fish and chips‘ and I couldn’t fault it myself. It was delicious. It has a 4/5 star rating on TripAdvisor so others also agree with me.

When the sun is shining, I would recommend sitting on the grass hills and eating your chippy, it makes it taste so much better.

The castle and walks.

We treated ourselves to ice cream before heading up to Scarborough Castle.

Scarborough Castle is a bit of a hike upwards and we were all out of breath. I guess we are all out of shape. The views are gorgeous when at the top though.

We did not go into Scarborough Castle but did note that it is £7.90 for an adult ticket. The walk took about an hour and we headed along the cliff and then along the seafront back towards Scarborough.

There were plenty of people around but it wasn’t too packed that we couldn’t move freely or enjoy it.

The weather.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.

We could not have picked a better day really.

The sun was shining and even though there was a bit of wind, it was cooling rather than being chilly.

Scarborough a brilliant day out but the fact that the weather was glorious just made everything 1000x better. 

Scarborough has a very picturesque feel when the sun is shining.

The overall thoughts.

Overall, we had a really good day.

The food was delicious, the parking was cheap and we got so many steps in throughout the day.

We managed to get home not too late as well so we could all chill out.

With us all working different shifts, it’s hard for us to get together and have days out like this so I really appreciate it when we can find a weekend we are all free from real-life responsibilities. 





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