Royal Mile Backpackers Hostel, Edinburgh | February 2020

Our Edinburgh choice of stay.

When we were looking at booking a long weekend to Edinburgh (check out this blog post first), we figured it would be pretty costly. We checked out the hotels and we were correct. That only meant one thing.

Hostel searching.

It was pretty easy to find a hostel in Edinburgh. I mean, there are loads of them. The hard thing was deciding which one we wanted to go for.

We limited the search to the center as neither of us had been to Edinburgh before and we knew we would get lost otherwise.

Not to promote myself as a cheapskate but we opted for the cheapest hostel.

Royal Mile Backpackers.

It was within walking distance of the center and had an 8.8 review score on which they categorize as ‘Fabulous’. Common sense to go with this hostel, right? 

The location.

When we arrived in Edinburgh, we decided to find the hostel and check-in so we could unpack and chill for ten minutes before exploring.

One downside to the hostel is that it is situated above shops and unless you know exactly where it is, you can easily walk past it, as we did a few times before we found it.

However, it is a good feeling once you find it and realize how silly you have been having walked past it four times. 

The hostel was located perfectly and made it easy to come and go as we pleased.

24-hour reception assistance was offered which was brilliant as we had no worries about getting back into the building at night. 

The greeting.

The initial greeting from the woman on reception was lovely and walming and there was a welcoming feel as soon as we entered.

We were given our keys and our beds and paid for a towel each. At only £2 a towel, you can’t go wrong.

Beats having to carry one around in your backpack all day. 

The room.

One amazing thing I loved about the hostel was the rooms.

Each room was named after a film or series. For example, we were in Gotham City and my bed was the Penguin.

It added humor into the stay and I really enjoyed the idea behind it.

The room was well presented and was not cramped at all. There were four bunk beds in the room and a locker for each bed. The bed also came with a reading light and a plug socket.

One thing I really appreciated was the large windows with the view of Edinburgh Centre down below and the comfortable seating area in the bay window of the room.

The themed rooms in the Hostel were awesome.

The shared bathroom.

The shared bathroom was one thing that I was wary of. However, I needn’t have worried,

The bathrooms were gender-segregated which I personally prefer as feel more comfortable with all girls. That’s just my personal preference though.

The showers were not huge but they were useable to shower and dry and dress in. They were also very clean and I only had to wait 10 minutes to have to use one. not a bad wait time for a hostel at all. 

Final thoughts.

Overall, this was a brilliant place to stay and I really enjoyed my time here. It made visiting easier financially and I did not regret staying in a hostel.

I would recommend this hostel and I will definitely be staying here if I ever return to Edinburgh

Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and truthful.

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