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Review: The Saga of Darren Shan – Darren Shan #JustAThought

Here is to the first of my reviews on a book. Can I get a high five?

Today we are going to be looking into one of my FAVOURITE series of all time. And that’s not an exaggeration. I discovered these books on accident. During my looonnnngggg years at my High School, I was given an extract of a book by Darren Shan and loved it so much that I decided to go ahead and purchase this series in its entirety. I was not disappointed. The series consists of 12 books, each consisting of roughly 300 pages so is not too much of a burden to those who take a dislike to reading. For easiness and convenience, these books are also published as four trilogies, which are the ones I have since purchased. 

Darren Shan Book Signing ImageI will give you the basic gist of the series without giving anything away. The main character of the entire series is a chap named Daren Shan. ‘Hold on’ I hear you say, isn’t that the name of the author? Why yes, yes it is. There’s a clever reason for that one. So the series starts with a disclaimer that the series is in fact not a fiction series, but one of truth and reality. This, of course, is nonsense as the author is not a vampire, well I do not think he is but who can say for sure right?

The series follows Darren in the adventures of his life, both bad and good ones of course. The Darren Shan Signature Imagefirst person narrative does give the impression of the books being ones of truth and it does cause an excitement to imagine there may be such things as vampire walking among us (also quite frightening too though so not so exciting at times). As simplistic and un-spoiler (pretty sure I just invented a word there, that’s me in a nutshell just so unique) as I make it, The Saga of Darren Shan solely revolves around Darren (the protagonist not the author) meeting a vampire named Larten Crepsley and consequently changing into a vampire himself. The books follow Darren after becoming one of the undead and revealing the vampire traits which are a myth and those which are true.

With constant adventure, quests, problems and uncountable twists throughout, the series really does make for a good read. 

Anyway, onto the good bits. The opinions.




Is there really any more to say? No, probably not but I shall elaborate in the hope of convincing you to pick up a copy and delve in yourself. 

The storyline moves along rapidly and you feel every page is needed in order to enjoy the books which I believe is necessary for a good book. The fast-moving story definitely keeps you on your toes and will not allow you to put the book down, so be prepared for many late nights and sleepy days and dark under eyes. Every scene does make you appreciate and admire the creativeness of the author and his ability to keep you hooked with new problems and adventures cropping up, allowing the series to last 12 books without any sense of boredom!

Darren Shan Books ImageEven though the books are definitely aimed at a teen fiction audience, I would recommend these to a person of any age. At 23 I still enjoy these books and still continue to read them again almost every 2 years. My mother, a fifty-something (sorry mum) woman, has also read this series at the request of myself and she enjoyed them as much as myself. So if it is the fact that these books are found alongside ‘Twilight’ and ‘High School Musical’ fan fiction, do not hesitate to pick up a copy because this series is one for all.

I apologise for the slightly short and ‘not in much depth’ review as there is not much more I can say. I do not have a bad word to say about the series and constantly recommend this series to everyone. My copies have gotten around a bit and are the most used ones in England I reckon. Sharing is caring, right? My final thought on the series is that it is one of the best, if not the best, series around and I honestly believe everyone should give it a read. 


PICK UP A COPY NOW! That’s an order.


You can find a copy of the series in its entirety here.

Alternatively, I see the series constantly at Charity Shops or car boots so if it is not a new copy you are after then you can find them cheap. 



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