the impossible movie film cinema Netflix tsunami Thailand Boxing Day 2004

Review: The Impossible (2012) #JustAThought

This is one that has recently been added to Netflix. I have watched most of what is decent on Netflix so when a new film is added that looks like a good watch, I do get excited. I saw this one had been added and reading the synopsis, it looked like the one for me. True story films are ones which I do like. The idea that someone experienced such unbelievable events is remarkable and I love the feeling of knowing that there is always the human instinct to survive no matter what.


I settled myself in and clicked play


the impossible movie film cinema Netflix tsunami Thailand Boxing Day 2004
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This film is a true story and follows the Bennett family as they travel to Thailand for a Winter getaway, unaware of what is in store for them. The unsuspecting family enjoy their Christmas abroad before the terrifying and nightmare-worthy tsunami raises from the ocean and destroys everything in sight. This tsunami occurred on Boxing Day in 2004 and affected 1.7 million people and left 230,000 people killed (including children). The tsunami had a devastating affect on Thailand.

It immediately touches on your emotions and 20 minutes in I wasn’t sure if I could continue watching. It really does impact you quickly and hits you hard. The realisation that this film is a true story and a family had to go through this ordeal is awful. It really does make you upset. However, the urge to want to continue to see how this family fought through the worst thing that could have ever have happened to them is strong. You want to be able to be happy for them, to see that not everything awful has to happen to them. You gain a sense of support and empathise with them instantly, wanting deeply for them to overcome this natural disaster and prove that humans can survive any trauma thrown at them.


It really upset me but seeing them survive helped me through.


the impossible movie film cinema Netflix tsunami Thailand Boxing Day 2004
Image Screenshot from Netflix

It really brings to light what happens when these awful natural disasters occur and shows that it could happen to anyone. Natural disasters devastate millions of people at a time sometimes and we do not get to see the aftermath upfront. These real story films show and demonstrate the effects of a natural disaster and help you to understand what thousands of people go through each time one happens. I cannot explain enough how upsetting this film is and would not advise those who are particularly sensitive to watch it.

It just illustrates that no matter what the world will throw at us and how bad we are ourselves, human beings will always stick together. They will always help one another to find each other. To help each other through the hard times. This film was very insightful and is definitely one that everyone needs to watch.

As a film, I really enjoyed it. The acting was brilliant and really allowed you to empathise with the characters. I would really recommend anyone to watch this film and understand what happen on Boxing Day 2004 in Thailand. It is definitely a film that needs to be watched.



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