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Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Ever wanted to do something insane. Not like over the top but something just… different. Well, how about a colour change?


Grab some Directions and get going.


la riche directions semi permanent hair dye pink purple blue
Tulip on blonde hair

‘Directions‘ is a semi-permanent hair dye made by ‘La Riche’. It can be found in most beauty shops or online. To check out ‘Directions‘ hair dye directly, click here. It comes in a tub, pre-mixed for your convenience. Simple to use, it is the best semi-permanent dye I have ever used. At a low average price of around £4, you cant really go wrong for a simple non-permanent colour change.

The dye comes in 36 differing colours, which can be seen here. The colours are all bright and work best on lightened or blonde hair. However, I have brown hair at the moment and having just used Tulip on my tips, I can say that the dye also works with darker hair but just does not result in such a bright shade. The dye coming in tubs is a brilliant idea as no dye is wasted, you can get right to the bottom of the tub, whereas a tube wastes some dye. The dye being ready to use allows easier mixing for a combination of colours and the dye’s colour is the actual colour your hair shall take. I hate using boxed hair dye as the colour does not match how you are expecting your hair to look so it always seems like a gamble. ‘Directions‘ hair dye is not like this as you can see what colour your resulted hair will be.

la riche directions semi permanent hair dye pink purple blue
Dark Tulip on light brown hair

All you need to do is grab some disposable gloves, a towel for your shoulders and slap on the dye where you want it. The longer you leave it on your hair, the more colour your hair will take to but I suggest a stranded 20 minutes before rinsing. My advice would be to not rinse this off in the shower. My first time using this dye, I dyed my entire hair Dark Tulip and popped in the shower to rinse it from my hair. What a mistake that was! The dye stains your skin as it runs down your body in the shower and I came out pink! Even though it stains the skin, it does fade after a couple of showers so don’t worry too much. I hold my head over the shower and rinse most of the dye form my hair before having a shower afterwards to give it a quick shampoo.

la riche directions semi permanent hair dye pink purple blue
Rose Red on dark blonde hair

All of the dye does not come out completely and so the water will never run clear ever. Once the water is a pale shade of the colour you have dyed, I would take that as enough rinsing. The colour does last a long time, with red and blues fading much quicker than other colours. I tend to wash my hair once every two days and the colour seems to last for at least three weeks before the colour begins to fade. At this point, I either re-dye my hair or allow it to fade.

Please note that if you choose a blue-based dye (green, blue, turquoise) then the dye will stain your hair, especially bleach treated hair. This is not a negative point about Direction dye but a negative note about all hair dyes. Some people are not aware that no matter which dye you use, blue does not come out of your hair easily. If you do choose to dye your hair these colours (as they look gorgeous) just keep in mind that it will not fade completely.

la riche directions semi permanent hair dye pink purple blue
Flamingo Pink, Violet & Lagoon Blue on bleached hair

With ‘Directions‘ dye, you can either use as comes, lighten with conditioner or mix together colours to create your own look. It is simple to use for balayage, tips or full head coverage. It is pretty simple to do but may need an extra pair of hands to help you. Last year I used pink, purple and blue to dye my mother’s hair for her graduation and the colours turned out amazing.

I really would recommend trying ‘Directions‘ hair dye. It is really helpful if you are someone who likes to change your look often. This is the best semi-permanent dye I have used and I would never use another. No matter what colour you are aiming for, ‘Directions‘ have or are able to create through mixing.



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