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Sewn with love

So, after some exciting news, a present was in order. The news? One of my closest friends went into labour. The not so exciting news? She was three months early. Don’t panic though, both my friend and her daughter are fine and her daughter is a little fighter who has beaten all obstacles in her way. Everyone is so proud of her!

To celebrate the occasion and her birth, it was time to find her a present! After a brief look for personalised gifts, I found the perfect one.


A hidden gem on Facebook


I discovered a wonderful woman on Facebook with her own business named ‘Sewn with love‘. A fitting name I must admit. What caught my eye was a gift she embroiders to create a personalised gift. An embroidered bunny. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. A basic bunny plush with both elongated ears embroidered with a personalised name or date.

At £10 for the embroidered bunny and P&P, I knew I had not only found a bargain but one of beauty as well. I was pleased with myself I must admit and couldn’t wait to show Ginger. We decided to have the ears embroidered with both her names and in pink cotton (the alternative was a lilac colour). The bunny arrived within a week and was just as beautiful in person.

After persuasion from my friend, I sent her the picture of the personalised bunny before giving her daughter her gift. Let me share with you her response:


Omg. Sophie that is gorgeous. I want my own!! It’s beautiful Soph honestly I love it.


Is there any more that needs to be said than that?

Unicorn Personalised bag Image

I would highly recommend the services of ‘Sewn with love‘ and will be purchasing more from her in the future.

Unfortunately, due to the embroidered bunny being an Easter item, they are no longer available. However, do not fret as her business has SO many other personalised items for you to choose from to make a perfect gift.

So get looking now!


If you would like to check out ‘Sewn with love‘ then click here. Alternatively, check out her website!



Please note: This item was bought personally and not sponsored. Even though permission was granted from the owner of the company for the review to be published, all opinions are my own and are truthful.

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