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Our One Year Anniversary

sophie ginger year one anniversary Bella Italia flamingo land York comic con love relationshipAs I sit here typing this, I sit with a smile on my face knowing that I have had the greatest three day weekend with my best friend and my favourite person on the planet. My Ginger. A three day weekend of celebrating making a year together and celebrating our future years to come. They say the first year of a relationship is the hardest and if you can get through it then you can get through a further ten! Here’s to many more amazing years with my Ginger.


On the 10th August last year, Ginger and I sat in Bella Italia for our first date and we haven’t looked back since. This was the start of our relationship and it has made me so happy. After seeing one another for a couple of months the previous year and then not seeing each other for about a year (completely my fault I will admit), one thing brought us back together. An unusual thing I must admit. Want to know what it was?


A penguin joke.


sophie ginger year one anniversary Bella Italia flamingo land York comic con love relationshipThat’s right, Ginger hit me with a penguin joke and that was it, it was like we had never been apart, really. Bella Italia was our first date and that was how we celebrated our one year anniversary. We went to the same Bella Italia and probably ordered the same thing, however I cannot remember what I ate a year ago unfortunately. We are boring people though and tend to stick wth the restaurant orders we enjoy. It was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Well done Bella Italia. It was even better when we were able to present a ‘buy one meal get one for a pound’ vouher. Not too shabby. Even if it is a celebratory meal, can never beat money off.

For our second day, Ginger surprised me with a day out.


Flamingo Land


I cannot remember the last time I went and I was so excited to go! Once again we found a voucher and this was for ‘buy one get one free’ which was awesome. It was super busy but we had an amazing time. Post coming on Wednesday all about it, so look out for that one.


And then came along Sunday. Now it was my turn to surprise Ginger. And how would I do that? With Star Wars, of course. My surprise was the Comic Con in York. York Unleashed to be exact. I also gave him a twenty to get himself something Star Wars as a present because let’s be honest, what do I know about Star Wars? Once again, I shall dedicate a post to our experience, look out for that on Friday.


And now for the presents


We shall start with mine to Ginger. Here is a list of my presents (I tend to buy him a few little ones):

  • A 5 pack of Creme Eggs (his favourite)
  • A War book which was written by somene in the war, during the war (he loves his war books)
  • A new Star Wars glass accompanied with a Rockstar drink (I smashed his other glass, oops!)
  • A hand made photo book which was hand decorated by myself (proud of this one, taken me since November! Dedication right there)


And now for Ginger’s to me. Now Ginger normally gets me one larger, more expensive gift. What he got me is wonderful. A framed image from ‘The Jungle Book’ including one of my favourite quotes. It is amazing and I love it so much!

We have had a fabulous time this weekend to celebrate and cannot wait for next year and the year after and the year after that and… you get the picture.


I love my Ginger.



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