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New Job Update | The First Day Of A New Life

Bit dramatic the title, isn’t it? It is the truth though. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of changes in my life, both wanted and unwanted. Starting my new role in a new office with a new company was one of them changes. I woke on the 24th September knowing that my life had made a massive leap. I was out of my comfort zone and starting work in a completely new place.


Scary, right?


You see the truth is that your work does make up most of your life. Working is life for most people and I am included within these people. I am, however, going into life with the idea that you only live once now and so have decided that I will work to live life to its fullest. I want to travel, I want to see places and meet people and really use the life I have been given to its greatest potential. So, here is the start really.


My point is that my new job is a MASSIVE change to my life because it makes up most of my life.


My first day was daunting. As always though, I feel. I have the understanding that most first days for anyone would be nerving and daunting. I took my time getting ready and put some effort in with actual make up and straighteners. Poor people at my old job had to witness me at my grimmest and my ‘literally got out of bed and came to work’ look. No more! I put on my new work clothes and felt professional with the confidence to smash whatever was coming my way.


It was a good day. I am learning the basics of the place and everyone seems lovely so far. I am starting off with all of the general Administrative jobs and then moving forward to start Payroll Administrator training in January, which is something to look forward to. I have enjoyed my time there so far and just getting used to all of the new ways of doing things and new rules really. It is nice, though.


There is not much more to say really apart from I am becoming more hopeful for the future. This job is really changing my life and I do hope it is for the good. Staying positive about everything is the main ting and that’s what I am trying to achieve. Fingers crossed, eh? The one thing that I have most definitely enjoyed so far is the room temperature.


It is not cold!


My old boss, Steve, liked to be cold. Or maybe I am just a very cold person naturally? Who knows. But anyway, the air conditioning was on 75% of the time I would say, maybe even more. It only meant one thing for me and that was to wear cardigans most of the time. To which I got called a Grandma, of course. I didn’t mind though, I like cardigans. It is nice to be in an office where I don’t have to be cold though. We are on the top floor in the roof area so it is nice and toasty up here. No more cardigans for Sophie. I will save them for cosy nights in.

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