New House | On The Move

A little bit of a life update here. A stressful and scary one but also an exciting one!


We have moved.


Nowhere too far away, we are still in Goole but we have moved. We finally have an actual house rather than a flat. And it feels so so so nice to have stairs. I know that seems strange for someone to say but when you’ve lived on a one floor place for a year and a half, you really miss having a second floor to climb to. It wasn’t a rash decision but it was one that needed doing. 


To give you a brief of the situation, we were having a lot of trouble with our flat. Nothing to do with our landlord or the flat itself, lets just say it was the ‘community’ the flat was in. It wasn’t anything disastrous but it was enough for us to have had enough of it and decide to move out. We decided we would wait until something we wanted came up. But then…




A house came up that was in our budget and seemed to be everything we wanted. I went for a viewing that week and that was it. We decided we were moving. A month and a half later and we are in our new house and just finishing up with the final adjustments to make it ours and how we want it. I could not be more pleased. We have two double bedrooms, a nice sized bathroom with shower AND bath, two downstairs living areas and a very long kitchen. Also, guess what, we have a garden! Our very own garden which will be nice to chill out in with a cider when the weather decides to sort itself out. 


The rent is a little cheaper which is really helping me and Lew save up some money. We are happy with our decision to move. The letting agency we are now with is called Jigsaw. I’m not going to talk too much about them as I don’t want to bring the tone of the post down but let’s just say they made the process of picking up the keys and moving a lot more stressful than it needed to be. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a stress head anyway so it really did not help the situation. However, everything has worked out. It always does. 


So, there we have it. A little update on my life. I have moved house and will shortly be telling you all about my new job as well! Everything is changing for Sophie. All in the right directions. 

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