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My New Job | I Got The Job I Wanted

Yippee! This is definitely a yippee moment! For anyone who knows me or has followed my blog at all, you will know that I work at a local paper currently as a Production Assistant. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like my job and I work with awesome people, but sometimes it is the time to move on. It is definitely the people you work with who make your job what it is. I couldn’t have asked for a better boss and everyone in the office is lovely. However, mainly due to myself and Ginger wanting our own place, and also wanting to start a career to last me a lifetime, I have been considering moving on for a few months.


It was a case of waiting for something to crop up that I actually wanted to apply for, though. Here were my criteria:

  • Full Time
  • At least £1000 more a year than I am on now
  • A career
  • Progression
  • Decent hours and days of work


I know, I’m not fussy or asking too right or anything, right? That was sarcasm if it wasn’t picked up. I was aware that I was probably not going to find anything to fit that criterion exactly. Or was I? Well, I think the answer is clear.


I found the perfect job


I say found, but I didn’t exactly have to find it. The company wanted an advert in the paper to advertise and guess who set and published the advert on the newspaper layout. If you said me then you would be correct. The perks of working in a newspaper. I had access to all the available jobs before anyone else. Some may say I had an unfair advantage but sometimes you have to look after yourself.


Anyway, I applied for the position and had not heard anything back for about three weeks. I don’t know about anyone else but if I haven’t heard anything from a job after two weeks, I strike it off. As annoying as it is, most companies only contact you if you have been successful and if you aren’t then you receive nothing. But then BANG. I got a call about midday asking if I could make an interview at 2pm. Due to having the nicest, most supportive and best boss ever, I managed to make it.


Its safe to say it went well


Well, enough to get the job I was unsure about. Now, once again it took about three weeks but then RING RING.. ‘insert company name’ calling.


We’d like to offer you the position.


BAM! Go Sophie. How amazing! See, it’s funny because I have so many differing emotions. I am obviously so happy that I found a job which meets all of my criteria that I wanted and it is a position I can see myself in for years and years. However, I love working at the paper and I’m going to miss everyone so much. Sometimes you have to move on though for the best. I still have four weeks left to work so they aren’t getting rid of me instantly but it will be a sad week when it comes to my last. I can see the brightness in my future and I am so excited to start my career. I suppose I had best change myJust Me page in a couple of weeks.


Introducing Sophie, the new

Administration Assistant within Payroll

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