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My First Comic Con | June 2018

That’s right, I have never been to a Comic Con. I have heard so much about them, I have just never had anyone to go with really. Well, now I have my Ginger. A Ginger who is obsessed with Star Wars.




star wars comic con stalls scnthorpeSo, obviously, as soon as we heard about a Comic Con coming to Scunthorpe, he had to go. I was more than willing to take him as I was intrigued by the entire thing myself. Hosted on the 17th June 2018, we planned our day and aimed to arrive at around 11am so we weren’t the first ones to arrive. Seeing as my brother has a healthy hobby of Star Wars too, he decided to join us also.

star wars comic con stalls scnthorpeThe event wasn’t massive but seeing as the entry fee was only a couple of quid, it was not surprising. However, there was enough there to last us about two and a half hours. The majority of the room was full and packed with stalls selling everything Star Wars, as well as a few other franchises. I was informed by my brother that North Lincs Tv & Film Comic Con, who hosted the event, are normally Star Wars based with most Cosplay Costumes being those from Star Wars. This worked out perfectly for Ginger due to his obsession.

In fact, when we arrived we realised that a Cosplay company had been hired to attend dressed as characters from Star Wars. Even though I am not a fan of Star Wars, even I found it pretty awesome. There was even a robotic R2D2 which was incredible. I was really impressed.



star wars comic con stalls scnthorpeOn stage, there was a man, who I was told attends most Comic Cons, who had HUGE figure-like things. I’m not sure the best way to describe them hence the photos include for a visual explanation. He was taking photos for a decent £3 per printed image or £1 for a photo taken on your own phone. We decided to pay the £1 and expected one image maximum. However, he was very lenient and took LOADS. We had photos taken with both scenes he had brought along with him, both including light sabres. That was pretty awesome too. By this point, I was very much enjoying my day.

star wars comic con stalls scnthorpeFor the rest of our time there, we took our time looking around all of the stalls. As I mentioned, most stalls sold majority Star Wars merchandise, apart from a mere few. This was basically heaven for Ginger and my brother. I took a step back and let them enjoy their awe. Each stall was different and made the entire day unique. Comic books, figures and line drawings were everywhere and even though I was not interested in buying anything, it still made it interesting. I did, however, buy one thing –


A Baloo bookmark.


star wars comic con stalls scnthorpeOf course, I found something Jungle Book and for £1 it was a bargain so I had to have it. The fella on the stall drew the images himself and I must admit he is a very skilled man. I love my bookmark so much and saves my book from the dreaded turned corners.

Overall, it was a very successful day and we really enjoyed it. For the money, it was a steal. However, I must advise that anyone going who has a passion for Star Wars needs to take enough money as there is just so much there! A great day out for all.




Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are those of mine and/ or Ginger’s and/ or my brother’s and are truthful.

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