MISSING | Where Did Sophie Go?

Hey folks!


So it’s been a while, I know, but I’m planning on getting back into the blogging scene as and when I can.

Starting right here!


Where have I been?!?


Well, that is a good question and an easy one to answer really. I’ve been busy. I’ve just been too busy and not really had the time to blog but I have missed it so much and so it is time to get my act together and make some time. Got to make time for the things you enjoy, right? Because if not then why are we alive? Deep, Soph, deep.


Let’s move on…


I thought I would do a little catch up and bore you all with an update to my very, very exciting life. (You could sense the sarcasm there, right?). So in terms of relationship, I am a single pringle, a single lady as Beyonce would preach. I don’t need all of the ‘hun are you okay’  because if I am completely honest it happened AGES ago and in the long run it was best for us both. I’m much happier with myself and in general I am overall happy and loving life. I do hope he is too! But anyway, in short, life is good. 


Now in terms of job, I am still with the accountancy company in payroll. I am learning new skills everyday and currently completing my first course. Apart from that, there’s not much else to bore you with about my job.


One exciting update is my new hobby. For exactly a year now I have been going to the amazing Clare at ‘Prize Nails‘ for a beautiful set of gel polishes every month. I have fallen in love with the art of nails and have decided to give this a go as my latest hobby. Thank god I have a best friend who constantly has acrylics and is willing to lend me her fingernails as practice! I have decided to complete a starter course from ‘New Skills Academy‘ before I go onto a classroom based course if I enjoy it. I have opted to use the gorgeous ‘Glitterbels‘ from ‘Nails by Annabel‘. If you do not already follow her on Instagram and you love acrylics, then you need to hop on this train instantly. I am going to start a new category on my blog to keep you updated on how I get one with my learning and upload any images of nails I manage to not ruin. 


In general life update, I am one happy girl and love being able to see my friends almost every day. I know a lot of people say this but I do have the greatest set of friends and I love them dearly. I am still not living with the parents and never plan on moving back now I have my independence. My brother and I get on really well now and have settled into our little flat which has become a home. I am still saving to buy my own house but I’m still a spring chicken and there is no rush for such things now. I am pretty sure that is everything I need to update you on so I shall leave you guys at peace. Thanks for stopping by! 


Sophie xx

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