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Little Mix UK Tour | July 2018

little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus The second my friend, Joe, asked if I would enjoy seeing ‘Little Mix‘ live, I was excited to the max. I love ‘Little Mix‘ and have done since they were formed on the X-Factor. I think their music is energetic and so easy obsessable (did I just make up a word there? Yes, yes I did). I do not know anyone who can sit and listen to a ‘Little Mix‘ song and not sing along, whether it be out loud and proud, timid and under the breath or simply just in your head. They are so memorable. So, back to my original point, my friend asked me if I wanted to go and of course, I said YES!

little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus He bought the tickets as soon as they went live and let me know instantly. As with most gigs, there were a variety of ticket types which came with a variety of prices. We both had a budget of no more than £50 a ticket. General standing tickets were £50 each or for an extra £10, you could get a ticket into the golden circle at the very front of the standing area. Seeing as the venue was to be a rugby pitch, Joe decided this extra was needed in order to see anything. Luckily for us, Joe’s bank provides discounts with certain purchases and so we ended up with our golden circle tickets for £50 anyway. Well pleased!

Considering we bought the tickets so far ahead in advance, it was such a long wait.


100% worth the wait though.



We arrived into Hull via car simply due to the trains not running late enough for us both to be able to get home. It was simple to pull into the Princes Quay car park and to find the bus at the train station to take us to the concert. Stagecoach had set buses just for the concert and a return for £4 which I didn’t feel was too hefty. The queue to the venue was MASSIVE but to be honest they got people through the security checks pretty quick.

The arena was huge.


little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus We were so happy we had decided to buy the golden circle tickets. The standing ran so far back and you just wouldn’t be able to see a thing if you were at the back, to be honest. As Viking FM was there to entertain us, we sat down and settled with the music until the acts came on stage.

The first support act was an Australian band. Considering I could not remember who they were afterwards, you can tell my impression of them. To let you guys know, they were called Germein and were a sister trio band. If you would like to check them out for yourselves then click here. They were okay but just okay. Nothing special.

The second support act was a little more popular, as the winners of The X Factor – Rak-Su. As I have gotten bored of The X Factor, I wasn’t too sure of who they were, but I must say that I did enjoy them. They were so upbeat and energetic and really got everyone pumped for ‘Little Mix‘ to enter the stage. They were a perfect choice and I could not fault them. So enjoyable.


Aaaaand here we go with the main act…


little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus There was such a long wait for ‘Little Mix‘ to come on. I get that it was mainly to build tension but it got past the point of tension building. I am used to it from other gigs I have been to where a stage needs to be reset but considering the majority of the audience were children, I do not feel it was needed. However, definitely worth the wait.

From the second they came onto the stage, the entire stadium was singing and dancing along to every song. The energy they brought to the concert was insane. I will never understand or get over the fact that alongside singing and belting out some super incredible notes (especially Perrie, congrats to you girlie!), they also dance. And I am not talking about just a little boogy, I’m talking about full on jumping, grinding, swinging, the works! How do they do it? I run up the stairs and I am out of breath!. Sing and dance at the same time? Damn, I wish I could do that.

little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus The entire concert was just entertainment throughout. At one point giant inflatable balls came flying into the crowd. There I was dancing along, and singing as high as possible, and BAM one hit me directly on top of my head – terrified me for a second I’m not going to lie. Gave Joe the perfect chance to punch the ball flying across the crown though, so it was all for the best. Later on, confetti came flying at us from cannons, creating screams and cheers from the crowd and intensifying the entire experience. At multiple times throughout, fireworks shot from the stage to the beat of the song. It was awesome and really it made the night special. I think everyone there would agree it was incredible.

little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus

I think one of the main reasons that I enjoyed the concert so much was due to the difference between a ‘Little Mix‘ concert and every other gig I have been to. Most gigs I have been to have been the likes of You Me At Six, All Time Low, Paramore and Don Broco. Anyone who has been to these sort of gigs will know that they are normally quite small, tightly packed and full of mosh pits. You get super sweaty and many pits in your face you didn’t want, and that’s if you survive being squashed to death. See, ‘Little Mix‘ was the opposite. It was the first pop gig I had been to and I would have said the majority of the audience were young children, mainly girls. I feel because of this, the crowd was a much more polite one and there was no pushing and shoving. Due to this, I did enjoy it more as I did not need to worry for a second that I would be squashed or lost. It was a completely different experience and one which I loved!


It’s always nice to try something new.


little mix hull concert gig just sophie joe music pop songs dance crowd bus One downfall of the night was not due to the concert itself but was due to the organisation afterwards. As the stadium was not in the centre of Hull, you needed to get a bus back to the centre. There were thousands and thousands of people needing to get back to the centre and only five buses running at one time. The queues were disorganised and even the staff of Stagecoach did not know what was happening. People were being shouted at and I feel that is the worst customer service possible. It did not dampen my night as ‘Little Mix‘ were so good but I will be putting in a complaint as it was ridiculous. The concert ended at 10pm and I arrived home at 1.30am – not good considering the journey would normally take me an hour at most.

Apart from the tiny hiccup in travel, the gig was amazing and I would so recommend buying some tickets for their next tour!



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/ or Joe’s and are truthful.

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