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Knaresborough | September 2017

Well, what a gorgeous place! Any more really need to be said? Maybe a little, so keep reading to discover our day out antics and what I thought…

knaresborough rowing boat marigold bridge lake mother ship tons caveSo Ginger and I decided to do something different for the weekend. When I say we decided, what I really mean is I decided. As many girls do, I wanted a romantic day out with my man. To make matters even better it was gorgeous weather as well. The perfect day out.

For a start off, I would just like to point out how easy it was to park. One thing I hate about driving to days out is the lack of parking and the charges it incurs. However, there were multitudes of signs for parking and at £5 for a full day park, you can’t really go wrong.

knaresborough harrogate mother ship tons cave boating lake marigold rowing bridge gingerOne of the main attractions to Knaresborough is the boating lake. The surrounds of the lake are beautiful and combined with the stone arch bridges, it is the perfect romantic day. We chose to go with Marigold Boat ire (which you can check out here) and were very impressed. We had an hour with the boat, at just £12, and that was definitely enough tie. Poor Ginger’s arms were knackered by the end.

Of course, we had a few near crashes with Ginger rowing. However, not once did we make contact with the side of the bank so ultimately I think we smashed it! It was so relaxing and peaceful, like a tranquil state. I cannot recommend it enough.


Knaresborough has to be the

most beautiful place in England.


The second main attraction of Knaresborough is Mother Shipton’s Cave (check itout online here). Mother Shipton’s Cave is basically a cave. It is much more interesting than I am making out, trust me. Alongside the cave is a rock which took 6000 years to form and allows a stream to run along the top and over the rock. This stream water is full of calcium which allows it magical powers…

knaresborough mother ship tons cave wishing well stone objects

The water turns objects to stone.


Inside this fascinating rock is a pool of water called ‘The Wishing Well’. The tale is that if you submerge your right hand in the water, make a wish and ten allow your hand to dry naturally then your wish will come true. Did we make wishes? Of course, we did! I can’t tell you what I wished for though because it’s a secret to never be told… SHHHH!

The day was full and we were both knackered by the time we got back to Kev (the Corsa). Overall, we were both very impressed by Knaresborough and will be returning at some point. I would definitely recommend, especially for couples as the romantic essence is unbelievable. It’s a 10/10 from me.



Please Note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Ginger’s and are truthful. 

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