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My name is Sophie (obviously) and I have been running this blog for over a year. I love it but it doesn’t fill as much of my free time as I would have liked.

And so the nail journey was born! I decided to take the leap and train in nails.

I can now offer gel polishes for fingers and toes (or both is you’re feeling adventurous). As well as this, I can also now offer acrylics! It’s still a learning curve but I hope to practice in loads of different acrylic designs. And the best part is that I only charge for the products used! Exciting times.

Your Local Nail Lady

Hey! I’m located in Goole, down Weatherill Street. I am easy to reach either walking, biking or by car. There is also on street parking. I am working from my base at the moment as I do not have the facilities to be mobile, however if there is an extreme issue of getting to me then drop me a message and we shall see what we can do.

Message me for appointments.. I won’t bite!

Most Importantly... The Price List

Prices, prices, prices.

Nails are my passion and not my job which is why I have decided to offer nail treatments for only the cost of products used. I have a qualification but choose to offer pampering in my spare time rather than to make a profit. If you fancy getting your nails done then drop me a message for more details! Don’t be shy 🌷

Look forward to hearing from you and creating gorgeous nails for you gorgeous girlies!

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