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Nails. Nails. Nails. It is legitimately all I can think about at the moment. I am just so excited about my new venture. It is now a reality rather than just a thought. I can do nails guys!


If you have read my previous post discussing my plans to learn how to do nails, you will know that I had started a course to learn how to do gel polishes and acrylic nails. I can now state that I have finished my course. What did I think of it? I LOVED IT! It really was so intriguing and definitely worth the money. It took me around a month and a half to complete the course. I think I did complete it quite quickly though. You can’t blame me, I was just so enthralled by it. It really is good and if nails is a path you want to head down then this is definitely recommended by me. 



I have a certificate and everything.


Framed and on the wall, it stays proudly. Now, I have been up to so much and have been super busy since then. I have my work station all set up AND I have even done two sets of gel polishes and one set of acrylic nails. I have a further three appointments in the diary. I must say that I am super proud of my first attempts also. I’m still practicing and so this is the reason my sets are on my close friends and family.


So, how far have I come in being nail ready?


I have my work station set up and found two beautiful chairs a very kind lady offered me. In terms of my desk, I purchased that form another lady who did not need it anymore. It suits me perfectly! I already had some storage items but it is insane when you realize how much storage you actually need. I was lucky in terms of money with the set up of my station as I decided I would rather get second hand and save the money to spend on gel polishes. So many gel polishes. So much love.


Speaking of gel polishes…


I have decided on the brand Halo Gel Polishes by Pure Nails. I have many reasons for picking this brand. There are so many gel polishes out there and so I had to do a lot of research before I set on one. One of the main reasons for my choice of Halo was the bottle sizes. Gel polish does not last forever and as the Halo bottles are a smaller 8ml bottle, it made sense to me to go for these as I would not use up all of the colours before they went out of date with a larger size. The bottle size also reflected on the price which meant that I could get more colours for the price. At £5.99 a bottle, you cannot go wrong. The reviews for Halo are also pretty decent! There are some not so good ones, but if we are honest, when does anything ever get 100%? There are so many beautiful Halo colours to choose from as well! So far, after my most recent purchase, I have around 60 colours. It just makes it so much harder to choose!


Now for the acrylic. I started off by purchasing the acrylic starter set from Glitterbels. I really like it because you get quite a few nude colours and its great to just get started. I have not bought any coloured acrylics yet as I am focusing on gel polish perfection first but I have decided to go with CJP Acrylic System. Again, one of the reasons was due to the smaller size of the tubs and also due to the price. Once more, meaning more colours!!


NAIL ART. I love nail art. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good one colour plain set of nails but when you add some sparkle or some stamping, it just makes a 10/10. The place I have been using to buy all of my nail art from is Born Pretty. I have found this to be the cheapest with the largest range of products on offer. I must admit, I have now done three purchases with them. I have a problem, I really do. I was a bit dubious due to the price of the products but so far everything I have bought I am super happy with. If you’re into nails and want some nail art, head down to Born Pretty. Thank me later.


Bloody hell Im just realising how long this post is so far and how much I am babbling. Apologies. It’s nearly over I promise. I completed my first set of acrylic nails the other day and I could not be a prouder gal. I was super impressed with myself. I shall post a few pictures up here and let me know what you guys think?


Anyway, that’s enough of me today.

I will keep you all updated!




Please note: All images are my own and all opinions are my own.

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