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My name is Sophie (as you can probably tell by the huge banner above). I am a twenty-something year old from East Yorkshire. I do still live with my parents, unfortunately for them, but am working on that one. Don’t know whether you have noticed but it’s pretty damn expensive these days. I do have a day job as a Full-Time Administration Assistant at an Accountancy.


Interesting, right?


People see office jobs as boring but to be honest I love working in an office. It has everything I require and I am so lucky to have been offered such a job. Let’s be honest, people work for the money but it is always a bonus when you enjoy your job.


My life is to work but I work to live

Working allows money for travel, for experiences and for living


Basically, I’m just a girl who is just trying to get through life. I work daily and I write daily with the intentions of getting some travel in there too. And that’s basically it. I’m an ordinary girl living an ordinary life trying to make it a little more interesting. You only get one shot at life, take it. Save and travel and experience wonderful things because being alive doesn’t mean you are living.


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And that’s all from me folks. If you want to get into my brain anymore, visit the contact page.





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