Jonas Brothers Tour | February 2020

The Jonas Brothers are back baby! Damn right they are and I am so so so excited. As you can probably tell, I was a fanster when I was younger. Me, Em and Dan all were and we were mad for anything Jonas Brothers. You cannot imagine how upset we were when they split and how ecstatic we all were when they announced they were getting back together. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind it when they decided to take their own paths but, come on, you can’t beat the brothers all together. Plus, poor Kevin, he can’t make it as a solo singer. He doesn’t do the singing part, god. 


Myself, Em, Dan and Emily’s cousin Beth all went to see the Jonas Brother tour in 2009 when we were all youngsters and we absolutely loved it! We really did, we were going mad. And now, ten years later, there we were again. In the same arena, with the same company, just 100% as adults rather than love-struck teens. And how weird it was to be back.


The tour was amazing. 


I cannot put into words how good it was. See, a lot of people look down on you when you say you’re going to see The Jonas Brothers and laugh but no-one can fault them for the performance they pulled. It was just so exciting and really made it more exhilarating that we felt like we were teenagers again. 


Now, let’s discuss the downfall of the entire event. Money. Yes, they were damn expensive tickets. Around £85 each, I think they were. We chose seated and were a few rows from the front of the first tier, directly opposite the stage. Good tickets so well done you, Emily. However, £85 each is a hell of a lot of money for a couple of hours’ performance. For us, it was worth it seeing as it was a nostalgic thing, but for a lot of parents, it would be a lot of money to pay out so their child could see their idols. It does annoy me how much singers and bands do charge for concerts but if they can get away with it then they are going to charge that much, aren’t they? Can’t fault them really. 


The concert was at Manchester Arena and so was easy enough to get to and find parking for. The NCP parking next to the Arena charges £13 for a concert event so that wasn’t too pricey either really. The only issue with the NCP parking is that the bays and levels are so tight you have to hold your breath in fear every time you turn a corner. Also, once the concert had finished you’re looking at at least 45 minutes if not an hour before you can leave the car park. Its just bonnet to bonnet not moving to exit so you’re better off just chilling in your car for a bit as we did. 


As to our experience, like I said it was a really good concert. There were lights and smoke and balloons and flying things. All the excitement. They had the main stage and then a stage run path onto a smaller stage which was quite nice so everyone could see them. In regards to their song choice, it was a good setlist and we all approved. They did a mix of their new album and old songs and old old old songs. They even mixed in songs from when they were solo artists who were nice and got everyone going. The entire arena was singing along and on their feet, dancing and generally having a really good time. 


We had a really good time. 


You always know it was a good concert when you are gagging for a drink as soon as you leave. Well done Nick, Joe, and Kevin, you did us proud. And, on a side note, congratulations to Sophie and Joe on their expected arrival. Super happy for you guys! 



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