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In A Jar House | Original Poem By Sophie Lloyd

Welcome to my first original piece. It is terrifying putting your work out there but I do hope you enjoy. I am aware that there are a few slanted rhymes but it is still a working process. Any suggestions are welcome. I know this is a long one but stick at it, it’s worth it! Well, I think so but I am biased. Hope you enjoy!


Within their home, in a jar house

high up on the shelves

lived a happy couple

content within themselves.


Loving where they were

with every jar a friend

the community was thriving

with jar homes from end to end.


Warren the Wax and Winnie the Wick

inseparable since they met

from the day, from the moment

when Warren began to set.


Winnie was attracted

by Warren’s colourful sight

he was the main attraction

for she was just pure white.


The dream among the community

was to be the lucky jar

to be taken from the shelf

and carried outside afar.


When a jar was taken

no-one knew where they went

they thought a ‘better place’

to a life to be well spent.


Winnie and Warren’s place

among the community was the centre

they sat each day in plain sight

waiting for people to enter.


An early December morning

a woman browsed the shelf

her hand trailing across the jars

smiling to herself.


The woman reached across

fingers trailing along the glass

a thought glided through the community

‘which glass house shall she grasp?’


From the shelf’s start to the end

she picked jars as she went

she removed every roof

then sniffed every scent.


The woman chose a jar

but in the glass was a crack

disappointment spread across her face

as she put the glass jar back.


Her hand reached out again

grasping Warren and Winnie’s jar

before walking from the shop

and placing them in her car.


The woman’s home was breath-taking

family pictures along the walls

Winnie smiled with pleasure

as they were carried down the halls.


Placed on a bath’s edge

Warren and Winnie stood

watching the woman run the water

their time so far was good.


The woman rose from the bath

and swiftly left the room

she returned with a small box

a bath essential they presumed.


From the essential she took a stick

striking it against the box fast

she created a sort of light

which they both hoped would last.


As the light came closer

Winnie looked in awe

Warren seemed less intrigued

but Winnie wanted more.


The woman removed their roof

to show them the light

bright oranges and yellows flickered

to them a wonderful sight.


The heat made Warren uncomfortable

he had started to sweat

he was feeling more nervous

then the day he and Winnie met.


Winnie was enthusiastic

she hadn’t felt the heat

the light came ever so close

she saw it as a treat.


When it touched her skin

the light transferred to her

her screams rang through the silence

before the world began to blur.


Winnie regretted the light

as pain washed through her being

screaming out Warren’s name

she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.


The woman had laid down

she was enjoying her soak

as pain seared through Winnie’s body

and her wick began to smoke.


Winnie stared at Warren

all wide-eyed with dread

Warren was becoming liquid

and soon he would be dead.


They held onto each other

both in unspeakable pain

not a tear fell from Warren

he just screamed out her name.


Warren held onto Winnie

heat flushing through their being

they wished for death over pain

Warren hated what he was seeing.


Winnie was turning black

her form resembling ash

aware she was causing his pain

the only reason she didn’t thrash.


They both screamed together

holding each other so tight

pain continued to race through her

as her wick was still alight.


Their voices becoming hoarse

as their screaming became intense 

Winnie started to lose her form

the pain was so immense.


Warren continued to melt

his sight becoming black

his conscious thoughts disappeared

never to come back.


Winnie screamed his name

as he closed his eyes forever

she continued to smoke

her situation becoming severe.


Emotional pain overtook her

she had lost her one true love

there was nothing to live for now

life worthless without her beloved.


With no reason to live

Winnie lost her fighting will

she stared at the sadistic woman 

who could so easily kill.



This is an original piece written and authored by Sophie Lloyd and is intended to be only published on this site (JustSophie) and no other publication without prior permission. Do not use, copy or publish this piece without prior permission. This piece is under copyright. If you wish to discuss publication of this piece, please use my contact page or work with me page. Thank you.

2018 © JustSophie (Sophie Lloyd)


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