Icmeler, Turkey | May/June 2018

We went on our first holiday together!


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Well, to be honest, we had this holiday booked just three months into the relationship but it was exciting toactually get on the plane and go. I will apologise now for the length of this post but we did go for two weeks so there is a lot that I can review. If you would like to skip then the basics you need to know is that WE LOVED ICMELER.


icmeler holiday turkey club tokamak jet 2 holidays quad biking mud water wetWe booked our holiday through Jet2 Holidays in November 2017. We were planning on going for a week but after looking at the price difference, it was only about £50 more each to go for another week. So for two weeks, it was. We decided to go for self-catering for our first holiday and seeing as I had been to Turkey before, I knew it wasn’t too expensive to eat out most nights. We chose to book through Jet2 Holidays as they had the most and best hotel options than Thomas Cook or Tui. Most apartments on Jet2 Holidays were roughly the same price so we just chose the one we liked the look of most.


icmeler holiday turkey club tokamak jet 2 holidays

The apartment we chose was called ‘Club Tokmak‘. You can find this holiday here.  The holiday cost us just over £400 each for two weeks which we found to be a bargain seeing as all flights, transfers and hotel nights were included. We were really impressed with the apartment and would recommend. The pool was a good size and the pool area had sun for most of the day without shadow. There was a poolside bar selling food and drinks at reasonable prices. The host was a young lady and she was amazing! Super kind and couldn’t do enough for you really.


icmeler turkey holiday Eric April travel trips
Ginger, Eric & myself

Icmeler itself is beautiful and the perfect destination for couples, families and anyone who wants a relaxing holiday. We could not recommend it enough as a location for your holiday. Next to Marmaris, Icmeler is a small town with cheap public transport to easily get you to Marmaris for a change of scenery. On a night, Icmeler is lively with restaurants and bars but is not too hectic. However, for those who want to stay up late into the night, there are a few clubs that stay open late.

In regards of things to do, there are plenty. We decided to do one day as a trip and one day sunbathing and one day a trip and so on and so on. The fella we used to book the day trips was called Eric and was the nicest guy we have ever met. If visiting Icmeler, Eric is the one to go to. He was so honest with what he thought we would enjoy and what we wouldn’t. He recommended trips and we enjoyed all of them (bar one but I shall mention that in a bit).


Buggy/ Quad Biking

icmeler holiday turkey club tokamak jet 2 holidays quad biking mud water wetI think this was the trip that Ginger was most excited for. We chose to go with the buggy as a double (so one buggy between us) however, you can choose to have a buggy or quad to yourself. We were very impressed with the trip. Basically, there was a track that you followed along, going through trees and small streams and dirt roads. The buggys were pretty fast and if you’re a maniac like Ginger, you can make it very fun and exhilarating. They did have a tendency to break down but if this does happen then you get a replacement straightaway. This happened to us three times and on the third time, they had no more working buggys. This meant we were given a quad bike instead. What a trip! We were able to try both and loved both as much as each other. At the end of the trip, there was a dirt circuit course that you followed with tight corners and water everywhere. I can honestly say it was awesome and we loved it that much that we went twice!


Lazy Day Boat Trip

icmeler holiday turkey buggy quad wet water mud boat trip sand islandThe basics of this trip is that you get on a boat and it travels around the coast line and visits all the coves and beautiful mini beaches. There were two options with this one. All inclusive and non inclsive. Eric recommended the non inclusive one for us due to us not wanting to drink alcohol and wanting a relaxing day rather than a party trip. Even though we had to pay for our own drinks, we only spent a couple of lira for cokes with our dinner because no-one complained about us having our own water. Our dinner was incuded with the price and was a BBQ type with meatballs, chicken, bread, salad and chips at an optional £2 extra. The food was delicious and really completed the day. The entire day was beautiful and was amazing that we could swim in such unique places, seeing all the fish and jumping from the boat into the water. This is definitely one that is a must if travelling to Icmeler or Marmaris. 


Turtle Beach

icmeler holiday turtle beach sea turtle water boat tripAgain, this was another boat trip but this one lasted all day. With this one, we travelled to an islandcalled Turtle Beach. It was basially just one big sandy island and really was gorgeous. We were lucky as on the way back to the boat we noticed people crowding around the harbour and we got to see a sea turtle up close! It was amazing. One side of the island is sea water and the other fresh water, so this is where all the turtles are found and where they lay their eggs. It is not guaranteed to see a turtle, but like I say, we were lucky. There is also the possibility of witnessing some dolphins but we didnt see any of those. After the Turtle Beach, we visited a mud bath. Thsi was a very unique experience but very enjoyable. You cover yourself in natural mud, let it dry, shower it off and then relax in the sulphur pool. The sulphur pool is naturally heated by sulphur but means it stinks of rotten eggs. Despite this, it was extrememly relaxing and our skin felt so soft afterwards.


Water Park

This is the one that we were not impressed by. There are two water parks to choose from. One in Marmaris and one a bit further out. Eric suggested the Marmaris one would be better suited as the further out one is more for children. However, we were not impressed by the water park anyway. There were eight water slides which were just simple slides downhill and one water slide that was a bit more exciting. That was it. We managed to get around the park in an hour. We decided to ditch the water park and walked down the hill it was on and into Marmaris to spend the day there. Would not recommend at all.


icmeler holiday turkey club tokamak jet 2 holidays quad biking mud water wet

Overall, we spent 700 lira on all of the trips for both of u boths which is just over £100 at therate of 6.1. We personally thought that as a decent price and were more than happy about what we got for our money. We would recommend Eric definitely. You can find him here.



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The food in Icmeler was delicious and the people were even nicer. We felt like royalty when eating, and was cheap as well. For two main courses and a large drink each (including the free mesi you get with most restaurants as a starter) it came to between 75 lira and 100 lira which is about £20 at most so you cant really go wrong. Our favourite place to eat was ‘YOLO‘ which is definitelu one to visit. For more information click here.

To summarise, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Icmeler and would definitey go back. The weather was about 25 degrees celcius which was perfect for us as Ginger hates the heat due to his pale skin. However, July and August are the hottest months and can get up to 40 so bear in mind when you would want to visit.


Icmeler is cheap, friendly and beautiful


Get yourself a holiday booked now!


icmeler holiday turkey club tokamak jet 2 holidays quad biking mud water wet



Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/ or Ginger’s and are truthful.

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