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I have stayed in many budget hotels. It doesn’t bother me staying in a cheap hotel. The cheaper the better for me. Myself and Ginger always stay in budget or cheap hotels when we go away. Because let’s be honest, what would you rather spend your money on? A place to stay? Or enjoying your time away and things to do? I know what I would choose, and I do. However, I can understand why people would choose the opposite.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand –

On Monday 23rd July 2018, myself and two of my best friends (Danni and Emily to be precise) managed to purchase tickets to see Bianca Del Rio. Exciting, right? If you want to hear all about our amazing event and make yourself jealous, then click right here.

Now, one thing you need, when you see a show where you have to take an almost two-hour train journey to reach, is a place to stay. We perused through to try and find somewhere cheap enough so we were all happy with the price. Being in a three, it is slightly more difficult to find a room to stay in. However, Ibis Budget was the answer.

Ibis Budget has rooms dedicated to three people stay. Being so early to book, we managed to get the room for just under £45 which meant an easily done £15 each. We booked straight away and even managed to get ‘pay at the hotel’ and ‘free cancellation’.

BONUS, right?

The hotel was not too far from Picadilly station and was maybe a fifteen-minute walk, if not less. Not too bad at all really, and technically still in the city centre. As we approached the hotel, we noticed a sign saying rooms were available for the night from £69 so definitely worth pre-booking early.

We were greeted at the reception desk by a lovely young lady who confirmed we had a triple room for three people staying. She handed us our key cards and informed us the desk was 24 hours. We made our way to the elevator, all eager for a shower and clean after the long humid day of travelling to Manchester. The elevator was only activated by the key cards which I appreciated as it showed extra security.

Our first impression of the room was that it was small but very clean and quite nice. The room consisted of a double bed with a single bed above, just like a bunk bed.

And here we come to our first issue.

As Danni ascended the bunk bed, she realised that the bed was not even made. A quilt and a pillow were in bags laid on the bed but no bottom sheet was on the mattress. The double bed, however, was fully made. It is safe to say Danni was not happy at all. She is a scary lady when she is angry, I shall warn you that. There was a lot of cross words and swearing involved, put it that way. One thing we noticed upon further inspection was that we had only been provided with one towel between three of us.

Did they expect three girls to share one towel?

I accompanied Danni downstairs to query the issues. In relation to Danni’s complaint regarding the unmade bed, the woman at the desk only had one thing to say:

Well you have everything you need on the bed.

‘So, you expect ME to make my own bed? In a hotel?’ was Danni’s response. And let me tell you, it was not in a pleasant tone at all. She was not happy. The woman left into a room behind her and returned a few moments later promising someone would come to make the bed in a few minutes and would also provide us with more towels.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, a man turned up at our door very promptly, however what he had to say was not so good.

Do I really have to make your bed?

That was his response. We were shocked. As Danni mentioned, we would not mind if we were in a hostel but we weren’t. We were in a hotel. And even though we had not paid an extortionate price, it was still a hotel and so the least you expect is to not have to make your own bed. It was not even an easy bed to make. Maybe the reason that it was not made in the first place. But, oh well, we got over it.

bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian ibis budget

bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian ibis budget

bianca del rio rupauls drag race netfix manchester o2 apollo sherry vine drag queen comedy comedian ibis budget

Upon nightfall, we laid in bed to find that they were not too comfortable either. The pillows may as well have not been provided as I would have been comfier on a rock. I managed to get about three hours of sleep but would rather have had a more pleasant sleep if I am honest.

There was a slight issue with the bathroom facilities. The shower was not in a separate room and was next to the bed. This would not have been an issue if the door was blocked out, however, the shower door was see-through. It was frosted around the middle half, I’ll give them that, but the rest of the door was glass! It did make for a good possible game though: guess the body part (a little joke for you there, humour me and at least smile). This wasn’t too much of an issue for us because we have been friends for about 20 years but I can imagine it could be if you’re not 100% comfortable with the person you are sharing the room with.

The toilet was in a separate room, thank god. However, I would not call this a room, more like a cupboard, really. I am only 5’3″ and the door touched my knees when closed and I was sat down. I feel sorry for anyone with longer legs than me, and it does not take much, let’s be honest.

I am not a tea or coffee drinker but Danni and Emily are. Especially Emily. There were no drink making facilities available in the room which I have found to always be a standard, even in the cheapest of hotels. Ibis does offer free hot water in the reception area but then rip you off with a £1.50 tea bag. Good job Manchester is plentiful with Costa’s and Starbucks.

Even though we had these issues, they were not major and we did not let it affect our night. At the end of the day, it was a place to sleep, even if we did not get a lot of sleep. The staff were polite and the hotel was very clean. A TV was provided and there was a check out of midday which was amazing.

If you would like to check out Danni’s own review, click here.


All in all, it was okay but we will not be staying here again.

I would like to hear other people’s thoughts on our issues. Do other people think we were right to be annoyed that the bed was made? Should this be an expected thing in a hotel? Let me know what you think!

Please note: All images are my own. All opinions are my own and/or Danni’s and/or Emily’s and are truthful.

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