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I Bought Myself A Typewriter


adler tippa 1 typewriter second hand

So this may be an odd thing that you think of someone who is 23 to buy themselves. Most people would rather spend their money on a PS4 game or towards a laptop in this day and age. However, I gained an obsession with typewriters and would not have been happy and content with myself until I had one.

My obsession started from a film. A film, you say? Yes, a film. The film in question is based on the book ‘Misery’ by Stephen King. It was late one night, I couldn’t tell you when but a few weeks back, and I saw the film had been added to Netflix. Now, I am one for Stephen King so I decided why the hell not and clicked play without a second thought. Well, I must say I loved the film and will be reviewing the book in the near future once I have finished reading it.


Anyway, back to my point.


So the film is based around a writer who finds himself in a tricky situation and the only way to escape is to write a new novel. His only piece of equipment? A typewriter of course! I don’t know, something about watching the film just really made me want a typewriter. With me, you see, once I fixate on something that is it. So, of course, I HAD TO HAVE A TYPEWRITER.

adler tippa 1 typewriter second hand I’ve always wanted to be a writer and was one of the main reasons I studied Creative Writing at University. Seeing as my laptop is super slow, I can never be bothered to sit and wait for it to load to start a book. With this in mind, I figured getting a typewriter would be the perfect way to write a book. No waiting around for anything, just slide in a piece and paper and you’re    off.

After weeks of looking on eBay for a second-hand typewriter, which wasn’t electric, and missing out on so many bids by like £1, I finally found a typewriter and bought it. My typewriter is an Adler Tippa 1 and is brilliant! After a quick ribbon change and a brief clean out, it looked like new and I love it.


adler tippa 1 typewriter second hand

I try to write at least a page a day on my typewriter. However, the keys are loud, as they are basically stamping each letter onto the paper, and so it must be done through the day really if you live with other people. I have found no issues with it so far and hopefully, it will keep running for as long as I am in need of it.

There are so many second hand typewriters out there for sale and they do not cost much and most will last a lifetime. The best place I have found to look is eBay. A lot of Charity shops receive typewriters, however, after enquiring I have found that they only sell these items through bids on eBay. Basically, there is no need to waste your time looking in charity shops like I did.

It is something different and interesting to own so if you’re after a cheap way of getting into writing then this is the answer. At £20 and £10 postage, it has to be the best purchase of the year, if not ever.


Get yourself on eBay and find yourself a typewriter!



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