beauty jut Sophie Hubble contact lenses supersavers glasses eye sight

Hubble Contact Lenses | Are They As Good As They Claim?

One thing that I would change about myself is my eyes. Now, don’t get my wrong, I love my eyes themselves, I think they are the best feature of my face. However, what is behind the eyes is the issue. My eyesight is terrible. Without glasses, I cannot see anything really and every day is like living in a bubble of blur. Imagine living in a pint glass, the world around you a blurred sheen. That’s my life without glasses. It has been since I was in Primary School.


I hate, no DESPISE, wearing glasses.


beauty jut Sophie Hubble contact lenses supersavers glasses eye sight
Seeing Sam while wearing glasses
beauty jut Sophie Hubble contact lenses supersavers glasses eye sight
Seeing Sam while not wearing glasses

I’m not sure whether you have noticed or not. There are not many pictures of me in glasses and most people who meet me would not be able to tell that I have to wear glasses. That was until about a month ago when I ran out of contacts. Glasses are a last resort and unfortunately I had come to the last resort. After having to wear glasses for a month, I have gotten used to wearing them but would still prefer to wear contacts.

Since University, I had been wearing contacts from Specsavers but their contact lens packs began to be a little too expensive at between £25 – £3o a month. Over £300 a year! Too much. So, I started to research contact lens options online.


I came across Hubble contacts.


Their slogan is ‘the more affordable daily contact lens’ which is what took my eye. I first saw these contact lens on Facebook. I’m not sure whether its just my Facebook feed or whether it happens to other people’s Facebook but Hubble Contacts just kept popping up every day. It was a sign to try.

After clicking on their website (which you can find here), I discovered some amazing news.




Obviously, they are not free forever, but they do offer a free trial. You do have to pay the £3 postage and package but they provide you with 15 pairs of Hubble Lenses for free. Not a bad deal really. After your free trial, there is a £24 a month subscription service which will start instantly unless you cancel your subscription. This would mean that the lenses are not much cheaper than Specsavers, however you have better control of the subscription with the ability to cancel and modify when you receive your contact lenses. You are in control. I went ahead and ordered my free contacts.

The website requires you to fill in a few questions, including the power needed for each eye. One downfall I did find wth the lenses was that there is one standard size lenses and this cannot be modified.


Hubble lenses have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.2.


This is the base curve and the diameter offered and cannot be changed. It is a one size fits all kind of thing which does not work for everyone, unfortunately. I am one of them people. Specsavers had previously told me I have an unusual base curve so my eye is more of a rugby ball than a football shape. However, I went ahead with the order to give them a chance.

The delivery was brilliant and they arrived within a few days. The packaging for the lenses is beautiful and really sets your expectations to positive. The box clearly displays which lenses have which power as to not cause confusion. I cannot fault the delivery service or the packaging.


beauty jut Sophie Hubble contact lenses supersavers glasses eye sight


Upon trying on the lenses, the one thing I noticed straight away is how light they are. They do not feel like you are wearing lenses and are soft and flexible. They are super comfortable and did not feel dry. My vision was perfect through them and I thought I was onto a winner with these.

Please be aware when I make my following negative comments that I do have naturally dry eyes and I do have an unusual base curve. After around 5 hours wear of these lenses, I did notice that they did start irritating my eyes. This is not too bad if I am at home and can use eye drops, but when out and about I had to take them out due to them hurting my eyes. These contacts felt amazing at first, but throughout the day they progressively felt worse and caused my eyes to become irritated and red. This is not good for me as I need contacts that feel comfortable all day.


Are they worth buying?


beauty jut Sophie Hubble contact lenses supersavers glasses eye sightMy answer would be YES! Especially due to the free trial. At £3 to try a fortnight worth of contacts, you cannot really go wrong.

One thing I do need to make people aware of is the cancellation process. Upon realising Hubble Contacts were not a perfect fit for me, I visited their website to cancel my subscription before I was charged. You cannot cancel online. A number is provided that you need to ring if in need of cancellation. To be fair, I was connected to a woman almost instantly but the cancellation process itself was not easy. I was on the phone for quite a while. She would not accept that I just wanted to cancel and tried anything to try and get me to stay with them. I was stubborn. Eventually she let down and cancelled my subscription.


Be prepared to ring the company if you are just wanting to try the trial


Overall, I would recommend people to try them. I just wish that I had normal shaped eyes so I could keep wearing them!



Please note: All images are my own. This item was bought personally and was not sponsored at all. All opinions are my own and are truthful.

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